Nine five-time champions with the Selection 20 years ago wore the colors of Corinthians; see the list

June 30th was marked for Brazilian fans. Twenty years ago, the Brazilian National Team beat Germany 2-0 at the International Stadium in Yokohama, Japan, and won the World Cup for the fifth time in its history. At the time, Corinthians was represented by three players – another six passed through the club later.

The three who wore the colors of Timão at the time of the dispute were goalkeeper Dida, midfielder Vampeta and midfielder Ricardinho. The trio was summoned by coach Luiz Felipe Scollari and represented Corinthians. The Parque São Jorge team, it is worth mentioning, was the one with the most players called up to compete in the 2002 World Cup together with São Paulo.

None of the three, however, played in the final match against Germany. For the occasion, Felipão traveled to Brazil with: Marcos; Lúcio, Edmílson and Roque Júnior; Cafu, Gilberto Silva, Kléberson, Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos; Rivaldo and Ronaldo. Juninho Paulista and Denílson came on during the match.

Corinthians, however, saw six other five-time champions wear their colors at other times. The main one was Ronaldo Phenomenon – the former striker, in fact, was the one who scored the two goals in the victory against Germany in the final.

Beyond, Rivaldo, Luizão, Edílson, Roberto Carlos and Anderson Polga also passed through Corinthians.

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Dida, summoned by Felipão for the 2002 World Cup, is considered by many to be the best goalkeeper who has played for Corinthians. Known for his coolness and good performance in penalty saves, in his first ten months at the club he saved six kicks.

Dida had two spells at Timão. The first between 1999 and 2000; the second between 2001 and 2002, both on loan from Milan. The player won four titles for Corinthians: 1999 Brazilian Championship, 2000 Club World Cup, Copa do Brasil and 2002 Rio-São Paulo Tournament.

In all, the goalkeeper played 95 matches with the white shirt. The archer has achieved 53 wins, 22 draws and 20 losses. Currently, Dida is Milan’s goalkeeping coach.


Vampeta arrived at Corinthians in 1998, as indicated by coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo. The midfielder, alongside Rincón, formed one of the best midfield duos in Brazilian football. Together they were São Paulo, Brazilian and world champions.

After his first spell at the club, the former player returned to the club on two other occasions. In 2002, he was champion of the Copa do Brasil and the Rio-São Paulo Tournament, in addition to winning the World Cup for Brazil.

He celebrated the title of the fifth championship of the Brazilian team, in 2002, wearing the Corinthians shirt and somersaulting on the ramp of the Palácio do Planalto in Brasília, in front of the then President of the Republic, Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

Vampeta had his third spell at Timão in 2007, in an attempt to save the club from relegation to the second division of the Brazilian Championship. Adding up his three spells at Corinthians, the former athlete played 268 games, with 129 wins, 64 draws, 75 defeats and scored 17 goals. The former player currently works as a sports commentator.


Ricardinho arrived at Timão in 1998, coming from Bordeaux, France, and stayed until July 2002 in the team. During this time, Ricardinho won seven titles for Corinthians. They were: Brasileiro (1998 and 1999), Paulistão (1990 and 2001), Club World Cup (2000), Copa do Brasil (2002) and Rio-São Paulo (2002).

The player was called up by surprise for the 2002 World Cup. Midfielder Emerson injured his shoulder at the last minute and would not recover in time to be able to play in the competition. With that, Ricardinho was chosen by coach Luiz Felipe Scollari. The athlete received the news through a call while attending mass at a church in his hometown of Curitiba.

Ricardinho had a second spell at Corinthians. In 2006, the athlete returned to the club, but soon left. Joining his two passages, there were 277 games and 66 goals scored by Timão. The former athlete retired in 2011 and is currently a sports commentator.

Champions who played for Corinthians at other times

In addition to the representatives of the time, six other players who were part of the cast of the five-time championship had passage through Timão at other times. Brazil’s titular attacking duo, Ronaldo and Rivaldo, for example, played for Corinthians.

The phenomenon arrived in 2009 and stayed until the beginning of 2011, winning the Copa do Brasil and Paulistão that year. In all, the former striker scored 35 goals in 69 matches played. Rivaldo played for one year for Timão, between 1993 and 1994. During his time at the club, the former player played 62 matches and scored 22 goals.

Two other acquaintances of Fiel present in Japan were Luizão and Edílson. The duo played at the same time for Timão, winning titles together. They were Brazilian champions in 1999 and the 2000 Club World Cup, commanding the Corinthians attack.

Roberto Carlos and Anderson Polga were the last two who passed through Corinthians. The absolute side of the Brazilian team and considered one of the best in the history of football in his position, arrived at Timão in early 2010 and left in early 2011. During his time, he played 64 matches. The defender, on the other hand, had a brief spell at the club, where he played only three times and was in the squad that was world champion in 2012.

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  • Marcos – Palmeiras
  • Dida – Corinthians
  • Rogério Ceni – Sao Paulo


  • Cafu – Rome
  • Belletti – Sao Paulo
  • Roberto Carlos – Real Madrid
  • Junior – Parma
  • Lucio – Bayern Leverkusen
  • Roque Junior – Milan
  • Anderson Polga – Gremio
  • Edmilson – Lyon


  • Vampeta – Corinthians
  • Gilberto Silva – Atlético – MG
  • Kleberson – Athletico – PR
  • Ricardinho – Corinthians
  • Juninho Paulista – Flamengo
  • Kaka – Sao Paulo


  • Denilson – Real Betis
  • Edilson – Cruzeiro
  • Rivaldo – Barcelona
  • Ronaldinho Gaucho – PSG
  • Ronaldo – Inter Milan
  • Luizão – Gremio

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