Operation ‘Light in Childhood 9’ arrests IT technician in Americana


Criminal experts found a file folder, containing sexually explicit videos of children, recently dated.

By Cristiani Azanha

June 30, 2022 at 5:13 pm • Last updated July 1, 2022 at 7:54 am

Notebook and hard drives with pornography materials were seized (Disclosure/Civil Police)

A 40-year-old computer technician was arrested, in the São Manoel neighborhood, in Americana, this Thursday, by Civil Police officers from the DIG (General Investigations Department) and IC (Criminalistics Institute) agents, during the international operation “Luz in Childhood 9”. At the target’s house, the police seized a notebook and pornography materials with children aged 2 and over.

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DIG delegate José Donizete de Melo explained that, initially, in the files found on the devices there were many photos of young children. “We were able to identify indications that the photos appeared to be from another country. But they were advertised on certain websites. In the case of the investigated in Americana, we found that he stored the materials, but during the investigation it will be proven whether he also shared”, he reported.

The suspect was taken to the headquarters of the specialized police station to give evidence and sent to the prison unit. He will be responsible for storing, by any means, a photograph, video or other form of record that contains an explicit or pornographic sex scene involving a child or adolescent, in accordance with article 241-B of the ECA (Child and Adolescent Statute), which provides for imprisonment from one to four years, and a fine. If it is proven that he also released the photos or videos, the sentence can reach eight years.

Investigation will continue to identify others involved (Disclosure/Civil Police) – Photograph:

ACTION. The objective of the operation was to identify those involved in crimes, simultaneously in Brazil, United States, Argentina, Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, in a total of 163 search and seizure warrants, of which 74 occurred in Brazilian states, including 43 in Sao Paulo.

According to the Civil Police, the suspect’s property was surrounded and he ended up being detained while he slept. Inside, forensic experts found a file folder, containing sexually explicit videos of children, recently dated. Hard disks, flash drives and cell phones were also seized.

In total, 800 agents were charged with complying with court orders. The investigation will continue to be carried out by the Civil Police, through the exchange of information between states and countries in an attempt to identify and arrest others involved in the scheme.

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