Pat massages Anita in Face and Courage

Pat (Paolla Oliveira) still stands firm in the investigation into the death of Clarice (Taís Araújo) and the mysterious folder that contains the secret research formula that the businesswoman entrusted to them before the tragedy happened, and now, the stuntwoman ends up finding her doppelganger. In the next chapters of face and couragePat will end up getting a massage with Anitain addition to enjoying and learning more about their relationship.

Everything happens when Pat goes through a moment of great sadness due to his distance from Moa (Marcelo Serrado), after the big kiss between the two, but still tries to stay focused on the investigation, and in a very unexpected moment, the stuntman ends up meeting Anita, and is amazed at her resemblance to Clarice.

Anita asks Pat about Clarice.  Source: Reproduction/Globo
Anita asks Pat about Clarice. Source: Reproduction/Globo
Anita asks Pat about Clarice. Source: Reproduction/Globo

That’s when Pat decides to give the lookalike a massage to find out more about what it’s all about. It turns out that it is Anita who questions Pat about her relationship with the businesswoman, who tries to disguise the real reason that led her to meet Clarice, as she knows she cannot reveal everything she knows, due to the dangers involved in secret research. Of course, Anita can’t help but be intrigued by the response she received, but she ends up letting it slide.

After the massage, Pat goes running to tell Moa about his meeting, which is also amazing, because he knows that his partner would not make up this kind of story, getting even more intrigued by everything. He continues to follow the 24 Hours Diary to stay on top of all the summaries of Face and Courage.

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