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Residents bury animals
Residents bury animals that would have been poisoned (photo: Personal archive)

Residents of the South of Minas are outraged by the killing of stray dogs. The cases were registered in the district of Sertozinho, rural area of ​​Borda da Mata, a city neighboring Pouso Alegre. The suspicion that the animals have been poisoned.

The first records were last month. From then on, seven dogs and a cat were poisoned. Only two dogs survived. Residents got together and even held a collective burial for the animals.

The presence of animals on the streets of the district was a common sight. Resident Rafaela Helosa believes that the poisonings have been occurring for about a month. “They were docile animals, which did no harm to anyone. And after the 16th of June it only got worse, almost every day there were poisoned animals”, says the secretary.

One of the dogs buried by the villagers was partially dug up by other animals. The next day, vultures were found dead at the scene. The suspicion that the birds have been poisoned as well.

Also according to residents, the dogs and cat that had the same symptoms died in the same way. Hence the suspicion of poisoning. The dogs Julia and Lua are the only survivors this week.

Veterinarians consulted by the report confirmed the suspicion of poisoning. Residents organized a raffle to get money to pay the costs of treatments for dogs found sick, due to the suspicion of having ingested poison.

Case already reported to the police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office

Residents filed a police report on account of the killing of the animals and reported the case to the Public Ministry. Jurandir de Matos, who has a house in the district, but is a civil servant of the São Paulo Civil Police, gathered evidence to help with the investigations.

“To my surprise, we were able to locate a plastic bag on the football field with meat inside and a white liquid around the meat.” The material was collected and sent for analysis. “I brought it here to the Paulnia police station with all the care, I froze the meat and sent it to the Adolfo Lutz Institute in So Paulo. I’m waiting for the report to arrive to find out what kind of poison was in that meat”, says the resident.

“This situation in the district is horrible, cruel, inhumane. I hope that justice is done and that action is taken, because the animals did not deserve to die in such a cruel way”, says Rafaela. “Poisoning continues. This week they gave to two more animals. One, unfortunately, died and the other we managed to save.”

For those who want to make a complaint about the case, just call 181 (Dial Denounce) or 190, from the Military Police. The connection may be made anonymously. (Nayara Andery/ Special for EM.)

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