Public Ministry is in favor of suspending Ludmilla’s cache after making a gesture to Lula

ludmilla you can lose your fee for the show held at the Virada Cultural in São Paulo, which took place at the end of May. The reason? She made the “L” sign, similarly a sign of support for the candidacy of Squid. The complaint was initially made by the councilor Fernando Holiday (New), whereas political propaganda is prohibited in this type of show. Therefore, the request is under analysis by the Public Ministry of São Paulo (MPSP).

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As a result, it seems, things are not going in our favor. ludmilla. According to Folha De S. Paulo, prosecutor Eloisa Franco sees strong indications of violation of principles such as impersonality, administrative morality and legality. For her, there are similarities with a showmice, which is currently prohibited.

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“As can be seen, at least in a perfunctory analysis, there are several elements that point to a deviation of purpose in such a contract that should have a cultural purpose”.

The way in which the event took place also reveals a violation of legality, as the current context of the tests suggests that the hiring carried out conceals an apparent showmice, which is prohibited as a form of electoral propaganda, mainly because the event was promoted with public funds“, continues the promoter.

Despite the referral, on the other hand, the decision has not yet been made, after all.

The singer’s fee is the third largest in this edition of the event. ludmilla will receive R$ 220 thousand for the show in São Paulo. in front of her, Gloria Groovewith BRL 250 thousandand Barons of Pisadinhabeing the largest with BRL 300 thousand.

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