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According to Minister Sachsida’s estimate, the average price of a liter of gasoline in Brazil may fall from R$7.39 to R$5.84 per liter.

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Last Tuesday (28), the Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachsida, said that based on the measures taken by the federal government and Congress, the price of gasoline will cost up to 21% less. The information was presented during a public hearing at the Consumer Protection Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

Gasoline costing up to 21% less: see what can happen

According to Minister Sachsida’s estimate, the average price of a liter of gasoline in Brazil may fall from R$7.39 to R$5.84 per liter. However, he did not mention when consumers should notice the reduction in the price of gasoline.

According to estimates, other fuels should have a smaller reduction in value. The price of ethanol may decrease by 6.1%. And so, it went from R$ 4.87 to R$ 4.57 per liter. Meanwhile, diesel would decrease 1.7%, from R$ 7.68 to R$ 7.55 per liter. As for cooking gas, the price cut would be 2.3%, going from R$112.70 to R$110.07 per cylinder.

Furthermore, the minister says that “diesel and cooking gas will have a smaller potential reduction because they already had federal taxes zeroed forever”. Furthermore, in the minister’s view, Brazil is in the right direction of reducing taxes to reduce the value of fuels, such as gasoline. “We are giving the correct answer”declares Sachsida.

Reasons for possible reduction

The minister explains that “So much so that the rest of the whole world is trying to do it. America is trying to do it, Europe is trying to do it. The difference is that in Brazil we have already done it”.

The explanation for the reduction in gasoline and other items concerns Complementary Law 194/2022. It limited the collection of ICMS on fuel, public transport, communications and electricity. The law is the result of the complementary bill (PLP) 18/2022, which had the approval of senators and deputies.

In addition, other measures considered for the review refer to the taxation of diesel, discussed in the Federal Supreme Court (STF). According to the minister, “It is not possible for such an essential good for the Brazilian population to have such a high tax burden. With all the respect I have for the states, but the PLP 18 was a tremendous initiative and it will really help the Brazilian people a lot”.

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