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If there’s one thing that Dado Dolabella is really good at, it’s controversy. The actor and singer has made headlines for all the controversial reasons: assaults, arguments, run-ins with the law and his long list of ex-girlfriends.

Although the love life of Brazilian showbiz Casanova has been in the spotlight for a good 20 years, this week Dado has once again drawn more attention and circulated on the front pages and highlights of gossip sites.

After a courtship in 2000 and a public breakup in 2004, he and Wanessa Camargo rekindled their romance, according to Nathan Camargo, the singer’s cousin — just under two months after she announced her 17-year break with businessman Marcos Buaiz.

as possible revival The couple has been met with a flurry of media attention and information-hungry fans that focus on pleas for more romantic content provided by the already-known couple.

As following Dado’s romantic life is practically a full-time job, let’s remember which women (some famous, others not so much) caught the boy’s attention and also take a look at the artist’s past relationships – most of them, without the right to happy ending.

2000 to 2004: Wanessa Camargo

Dado Dolabella and Wanessa Camargo - Eduardo Lazzarini/Folha Image - Eduardo Lazzarini/Folha Image

Dado Dolabella once dated Wanessa Camargo

Image: Eduardo Lazzarini/Folha Imagem

It was during the recording of the clip “Love doesn’t leave” that the couple met and quickly started dating. Despite winning the public and starring in advertising campaigns and magazine covers, Zezé Di Camargo, the singer’s father, always made a point of speaking out against the relationship.

Always caught in moments of discussion, the couple decided to take a break in 2002, but resumed in 2003. In 2004, the definitive breakup came, guided by controversies such as that Dado had betrayed Wanessa during Carnival of the same year.

2002 to 2003: Deborah Secco

Dado Dolabella and Deborah Secco - Reproduction - Reproduction

Dado Dolabella and Deborah Secco

Image: Reproduction

Possibly during the hiatus of his relationship with Wanessa, Dado had a relationship with the actress Deborah Secco, who at the time took the laurels of the character Iris from the soap opera “Laços de Família”. Within a week, the couple exchanged engagement rings, but the affair did not last ten months.

2003 to 2004: Adriane Galisteu

Adriane Galisteu and Dado Dolabella - Reproduction/Sacizento - Reproduction/Sacizento

Adriane Galisteu and Dado Dolabella

Image: Reproduction/Sacizento

While Adriane Galisteu was consolidated as a presenter, Dado debuted in prime time on Rede Globo as Plínio from “Senhora do Destino”. The couple, who met during events, lasted just four months.

2006 to 2008: Luana Piovani

Luana Piovanni and Dado Dolabella - Joao Sal/Folha Image - Joao Sal/Folha Image

Luana Piovanni and Dado Dolabella

Image: Joao Sal/Folha Image

Dado and Luana got engaged, but in 2008 the artist was accused by his then-girlfriend of assault. The episode happened when the couple fought in a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro. The actor’s aggressions were captured by the local security camera and Dado was sentenced by the justice of Rio de Janeiro in August 2010. A year ago, the actor apologized via Twitter after Luana Piovani remembered aggression: ‘I am ashamed’.

2009 to 2010: Viviane Sarahyba

Dado Dolabella and Viviane Sarahyba - AgNews - AgNews

Dado Dolabella and Viviane Sarahyba

Image: AgNews

Still celebrating his participation in the Reality Show ‘A Fazenda’, which won him first place and a prize of R$ 1 million, Dado married model Viviane Sarahyba. From the relationship that lasted about a year, João Valentim, 12, was born. With a troubled ending, Viviane went to court alleging that she suffered constant physical aggression during the period in which she had a relationship with the actor.

In 2014, he was sentenced to two months and fifteen days in detention by the 3rd Court of Domestic and Family Violence Against Women. The punishment was for cursing his ex-wife and writing insults on her car body in 2010.

2009 to 2010: Fabiana Neves

Fabiana Vasconcelos Neves, mother of Eduardo, son of Dado - Reproduction - Reproduction

Fabiana Vasconcelos Neves, mother of Eduardo, son of Dado

Image: Reproduction

In parallel with his marriage to Viviane Sarahyba, Dado had an extramarital relationship with Fabiana Neves. From the affair was born Eduardo, 12 days older than João Valentim, the other son of the actor. In 2018, she filed a lawsuit against the actor for non-payment of child support. Dado was arrested at the Pirituba police station, in São Paulo, for two months.

2011 to 2015: Juliana Wolter

Dado Dolabella and Juliana Wolter - AgNews - AgNews

Dado Dolabella and Juliana Wolter

Image: AgNews

The plastic artist Juliana Wolter was the second marriage of Dado Dolabella and with her he had his first female daughter, Ana Flor, 9.

2016: Gabe Pascoal

Dado Dolabella and Gabe Pascoal - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Dado Dolabella and Gabe Pascoal

Image: Playback/Instagram

For just four months, the artist maintained a relationship with model and interior designer Gabe Pascoal. At the beginning of their relationship, on her Instagram account, the model used to post pictures alongside Dolabella. In one of these records, she joked in the caption: “Serenity in the eyes of those who have Dado at home”.

2020 to 2021: Nina Dolabella

Dado Dolabella and Nina Dolabella - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Dado Dolabella and Nina Dolabella

Image: Playback/Instagram

In between, Dado Dolabella started a seven-month romance with his cousin Nina Dolabella. After the separation, the actor was accused of assaulting his then-girlfriend, but denied the information. After the breakup, the actor wasted no time and quickly activated a profile on a dating app. On the platform, he put the “President in life” as a professional occupation.

2022: Vanessa Camargo (?)

Wanessa Camargo - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Vanessa Camargo

Image: Playback/Instagram

Twenty years after the end of the first novel, Wanessa and Dado Dolabella would be together again. In an interview for the Love Cast podcast, Nathan Camargo, son of Luciano Camargo, ended up revealing that Wanessa Camargo and Dado Dolabella are together.

Nathan stated that the two are dating and were even invited to their wedding, which took place recently. Not yet known, the possible couple would be meeting secretly, a reason that would have been the pivot of the separation of Wanessa and businessman Marcos Buaiz.

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