Spotify reveals which song would save you from Vecna

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If you follow the news of the entertainment industry, you must know that, in recent weeks, only one thing has been talked about on the internet: what is the song that would save you from vecnathe big villain of the fourth season of Stranger Things. Now, to join in the fun, and on the eve of the launch of Volume 2O Spotify created a custom playlist for its users to find out which songs would save them from the creature.

The news was shared by the series’ official account on twitter and has the name of Upside Down Playlistor Upside Down Playlist, in Portuguese. The functionality shows a collection of songs based on the users’ personal tastes, indicating which songs would save you from Vecna. The highlight, according to the official production account, goes to the first on the list, which would be largely responsible for its rescue.

Vecna ​​in Stranger Things.

Spotify provided a personalized playlist that tells you which songs would save you from Vecna.

To listen and find out which songs are part of your Vecna ​​playlist, just click here.

Divided into two parts, the fourth season of Stranger Things has dominated every discussion on the internet since its debut on Netflix. The new chapter features the return of the already well-known and beloved characters that make up the series, in addition to new darlings of the public, such as the metalhead Eddie.

In addition, the new villain, the terrifying Vecna, has also left his mark on the production, but it doesn’t stop there as he promises to continue making life hell for Eleven and his friends in the second part of Stranger Thingswhat premieres this friday (1) with two new episodes.

And then, discovered what song would save you from Vecna? Leave it in the comments!

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