Stranger Things | Who dies at the end of season 4?

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After an exciting first part, the fourth year of Stranger Things finally had its conclusion with the final two episodes, which aired today (1st) on Netflix. And, as expected, we had some major deaths at its conclusion.

The first was from Papa, Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), scientist responsible for creating Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). After making the heroine regain her powers with a type of regression, they are found by the US army, which since the first episodes of the season has been hunting the girl.

When trying to get Eleven out of her laboratory, Papa ends up being shot by a soldier who was in a helicopter. He still resists for a while and manages to help his pupil escape with Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Schnapp) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), who had just arrived at the scene to rescue her.

The second death was the most dramatic of all, and of one of the most beloved characters of this season. During the mission to try to kill Vecna ​​in the Upside Down, Eddie (Joseph Quinn) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) are tasked with attracting the attention of the bats that protect the villain’s house. During the critters’ attack, Dustin manages to escape to the normal world, but Eddie decides to stay, to give his friends who were at Vecna’s house more time.

He leaves at a run, so the bats follow. Eddie even manages to defend himself for some time, but ends up being injured many times by the stingers of the flying animals. Dustin returns to the Upside Down to try to help his friend, but it’s too late – he’s only had time to hear Eddie say that “this time he didn’t run away” before his last breath.

The third and final death of this season was from one of the main villains. After fighting Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) at the end of their hunt to avenge Chrissy’s death (Grace Van Dien), Jason (Mason Dye) ends up being burned by the gigantic portal that opened between the normal world and the inverted world.

We still have the Max situation (Sadie Sink), who died after being attacked by Vecna, but was saved by Eleven, only that she ended the season in a coma and with both arms and legs broken. Now it’s time to wait for the fifth and final season to find out the redhead’s fate.

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