“The piranhas were going to have a nice feast”


The housewife is not satisfied with the presence of her husband’s son on the farm

Maria will threaten Tenorio
© Photos 1 and 2: Reproduction/GlobeMaria will threaten Tenorio

In the next chapters of the novel wetlandfrom TV Globo, Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) is not satisfied with the arrival of Marcelo (Lucas Leto), son of the other family of Tenório (Murilo Benício), to the farm.. The housewife will not hide that she will be very angry and will even threaten her husband.

Maria will have a harsh conversation with Tenório about Marcelo’s presence in the Pantanal. “Marcelo came in the front, I opened the door, and then the second one comes… The third one… When I realize it, the other one will be here… Samba in my face!”, she will say.. However, the businessman will deny that Zuleika (Aline Borges), his other “wife”, will live on the farm.

Tenório provokes Bruaca: “What would you do if I brought her?”, he asks. “Me?! Nothing! But the piranhas won’t have a nice feast to get fed up with!”, Maria will reply., in a threatening tone. Recently, Levi (Leandro Lima), who became the housewife’s lover, had the tragic fate of being devoured by piranhas.

Zefa (Paula Barbosa) will listen to all the bosses’ discussions and will not remain silent. The maid advises Maria to go easy on Marcelo, since he seems to be a good person and wouldn’t be responsible for being from another family. “Can you see that?”, Tenório will say. “Yeah… You might be right, Zefa. He might even be a good person… His father sucks!”, completes Bruaca, leaving the kitchen.

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