Three ways to damage your ears using the cotton swab the wrong way

The use of cotton swabs has become a practice of hygiene that many people have, either after a shower or when their ears are itchy. Although almost all families use these flexible sticks to clean the ear canal, they can cause damage to the ear canal. health if not used correctly. So, now check out three ways to damage your ears using the cotton swab the wrong way.

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3 common problems caused by the misuse of cotton swab

A major issue with the use of cotton swabs is the formation of wax plugging the canal. The cerumen ends up not being removed in the end, but is pushed into the ear, creating a buildup or even a blockage. Wax earplugs can cause an echoing sensation and even a hearing impairment.

The purpose of earwax is for it to work as a protective layer in the ear, so removing it can cause the skin to dry out and cause an itch.

Continuous use of flexible cotton swabs can lead to infections and inflammation, such as otitis, due to the formation of a wax plug or excessive cleaning of the ear, which is quite common. When wax is removed, the ear canal is unprotected, as it acts as a protective barrier to external agents.

The perfect ear cleaning

The most recommended method is to remove the accumulation of wax with a cotton or towel, with the help of your fingers. In addition, it is important to remember that this cleaning can only be done on the outside of the ear.

  • Cleaning with a professional

A specialist (ENT specialist) performs the optimal cleaning of the ear canal in an office. Ear washes performed by these professionals are designed to remove only excess wax, usually caused by earplugs or overproduction.

There are some specific solutions for cleaning the ears that are suitable and can be obtained in the market and pharmacy. You do not need a prescription to buy them, but you must remember that they are medicines that must be used with care.

  • Daily cleaning is unnecessary!

In fact, the ideal thing is that the ears are not clean. Contrary to popular belief, wax is not dirt, but a mechanism that the body uses to disinfect the entire ear. It is precisely because the wax is oily that it will retain dirt and act as a barrier to entry.

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