Twist hints at who dies from Season 4

If something we’ve already realized is that Stranger Things totally lost the fear of killing your characters. As much as some of them have become beloved by fans, the producers have already made it clear that only the main four are immune.

Over the seasons of Stranger Things, we noticed that there is a great tendency with names beginning with “B”, dying in episodes. So a major death twist in the second part of season four could end up with yet another character.

Each season of the series so far has presented a devastating death, of someone who conquered the public. In the first year, Barb died after being captured by demogorgons. In turn, the victim of the second season was Bob, who practically sacrificed himself so that the protagonists could escape.

Finally, season three, we saw Billy leave. In this way, we identified that any character of Stranger Things, which begins with the letter “B”, is in danger of death. However, this rule may not only apply to first names. Understand what that means. (Via ScreenRant).

The tendency of the name beginning with “B” in Stranger Things

When the producers killed off Billy, the season’s most charismatic character, it looked like the trend of death with names starting in “B” wouldn’t extend into season 4 of Stranger Things. After all, none of the new characters in Season 4 have names that start with a “B”.

Among the season’s additions are the likes of Eddie, Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov and Argyle. Following this pattern, these characters are safe. Even the season’s bullies Angela and Jaison don’t fit the show’s trend of death. With that, we begin to suspect that such a rule may start to affect the protagonists of the series.

While the series no longer has main characters with first names starting with “B”, there are several with last names starting with the letter. Certainly the most notable is the Byers family. While Joyce’s survival is assured by what we’ve seen in the storyline, that’s not necessarily the case for her children Will and Jonathan Byers.

The truth is, the new episodes of Stranger Things demoted Jonathan Byers to be a minor character. This suggests he might have a heroic moment, sacrificing himself at the end of the season. Characters in previous seasons referred to Jonathan simply as “Byers”.

So if the Duffer brothers are going to continue with the show’s biggest death streak, then Jonathan will surely be killed off in the 2nd part of the fourth season.

There will be deaths at the end of season 4

While it’s still entirely possible that deaths with names starting in “B” could end in Season 3, we already know there will be more deaths in Season 4. This information was confirmed by both the Duffer brothers and the cast. Both stated that a shocking death will follow.

The co-creators stated that no one is safe in the season 4 finale of Stranger Things. This suggests that a death of at least one of the show’s most significant characters must ensue. However, we already know that, both Steve Harrington and Eddie Munson seem to top that list.

However, we cannot rule out that Jonathan or Will would be a more shocking death in the battle against Vecna ​​and the Upside Down. The “B” rule of death in the series – if we apply it to surnames – could hint at a fatal twist for Murray Bauman.

Stranger Things dies with letter B in Season 4
Image: Disclosure/Netflix via Screen Rant

From what we’ve seen, Joyce, Hopper and Dmitri must return home, however, the character may not be so lucky. The trailers for the second part of season 4 suggest that both Murray and Hopper will use fire to fight the demogorgons in the Russian prison.

Therefore, the codename “Bald Eagle” may not be able to escape the creatures of the Upside Down. Whether Murray Bauman, Will Byers or Jonathan Byers, surely Stranger Things will present its fans with a shocking ending. It remains to be seen who will die.

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