Understand bullshit involving Rafa Kalimann, João Vicente and Bruninho

TV Globo presenter Rafa Kalimann and volleyball player Bruno Rezende were caught kissing recently during a show in São Paulo. After much speculation, the influencer confirmed that the two are getting to know each other better. In an interview with splashRafa said that his novel was even approved by his mother and that he does not want to label anything at the moment.

“Do you have to label kisses on the mouth? No. We are getting to know each other. I don’t want to fall under the pressure. We are very well resolved with what we are and what we want. It’s delicious. He’s a person I admire a lot,” he commented.

After the revelation that the two would be together, actor João Vicente de Castro, a former friend of Bruninho, stopped following the volleyball idol on Instagram. The action was mutual and generated some speculation that the friendship between the two would be shaken. All this because of a romance between João Vicente and Rafa herself, lived before the brunette started her ‘affair’ with Bruno.

In an interview with the Extra newspaper, Rafa revealed that he does not know the story and believes it is just a misunderstanding between the two.

“They are friends. I think it was a misunderstanding. I don’t know the story, I didn’t want to get into it. They are friends, they understand each other. There, I don’t know what really happened”, he assured.

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Rafa Kalimann says that relationship with Bruninho is still ‘no labels’

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Colorful friendship or dating?

During his birthday celebration in April, Rafa was caught holding hands with actor João Vicente. The record was made and published by Gizelly Bicalho, friend of Rafa and also ex-BBB. As soon as they realized they were being filmed, the two walked away, but the mood of romance was already in the air. In a gossip profile on Instagram, Rafa confirmed that she was staying with João Vicente, but the romance was brief and the two maintained their friendship.

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Rafa Kalimann and João Vicente

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For the Splash Show on April 4, Matheus Baldi commented that the two had been living a romance for eight months, started during the pandemic and that he hoped the couple would end up together, since João would be single since his breakup with Sabrina. Sato, in 2015, and Rafa had ended her romance with singer Daniel Caon in July 2021.

“I’m sure Rafa is with João. It’s not yet a relationship and in August of last year there was an ‘affair’ between them. Then they grew apart a little, she had an ‘affair’ with another guy, but last week posted a romantic song in stories, tagging João hidden and we found out”, revealed Matheus.

Balanced friendship: Bruninho and João Vicente stop following each other

In recent weeks, photos and videos of Rafa and Bruninho kissing at a show in São Paulo filled the internet and the presenter confirmed that the two are together. Soon after the first images, João stopped following Bruno on Instagram and the volleyball player returned the gesture and several rumors emerged that the friends would be fighting over the influencer.

A longtime friend, João spares no effort to praise and admire the captain of the Brazilian Volleyball Team. Bruninho, in turn, always liked to keep his personal life as discreet as possible, but he was not able to hide the photos of his romance with Rafa.

On the 25th, however, the two took the opportunity to play with the situation and posted, at the same time, a photo together with the caption: “Press: João and Bruninho stop following each other. João and Bruninho’s face”.

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João Vicente mocks alleged fight between him and Bruninho, captain of the Brazilian Volleyball Team

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Marketing move or not, as of this publication, the two friends have followed each other on social media again, as shown in the photo below.

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Bruninho and João Vicente follow each other again on social networks

Image: Screenshot/Instagram

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