Understand how Sasha and husband fell in a scam by the ‘sheik’ of cryptocurrencies

Sasha Meneghel and her husband João Figueiredo

Sasha Meneghel and her husband João Figueiredo

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Stylist and model Sasha Meneghel, 23, and her husband, gospel singer João Figueiredo, 23, are suing businessman Francisley Valdevino da Silva, known as the cryptocurrency ‘sheik’, according to the newspaper. The globe.

According to a report, the couple met Frascisley at an evangelical church service and decided to invest more than BRL 1.2 million in a “cryptocurrency leasing” scheme, by Rental Coins, one of the ‘sheik’ companies, opened in January. 2019. Sasha and João would have made an initial investment of R$ 50 thousand and, later, two more contracts.

The scheme promised returns of up to 8.5% of the amount invested in cryptocurrency rentals. But as the couple did not have the expected return, a lawsuit for moral and material damages was opened in the 14th Civil Court of the Paraná Court of Justice in April, alleging alleged fraud on the part of Rental Coins.

Also according to the publication, the ‘sheik’ of cryptocurrencies is the subject of investigation by the Federal Police, suspected of a crime against the national financial system and, in addition to the famous, would have made other victims among pastors and faithful.

Christian image

One of Francisley’s ways to attract customers was to strengthen his image as a Christian. The businessman had open doors in the evangelical circle. “[Francisley] has always been kind, helpful and very religious,” he told the newspaper The globe a former friend of the ‘sheik’ who was scammed for R$600,000.

It is estimated that he managed to attract 40,000 investors. At first, he paid as promised. In October of last year, delays in payments began until, two months later, they stopped completely.

He claimed that the company was undergoing changes and made an agreement with investors that he would make the reimbursement in 38 installments as long as they signed an agreement in which they waived any lawsuits in court.

The first installments of this agreement were paid, but soon stopped. He then took down the platform that showed individual client investments.

In a word, Francisley

In a note sent to The globeFrancisley Valdevino da Silva informed that the companies of his group are going through a reorganization due to “internal abnormalities verified even in October of the previous year” and, therefore, they did not pay the monthly income to the investors.

“The mistakes made by past managements, which even caused enormous damage to the structures, caused delays in payments and contractual defaults. As a result, urgent measures were taken to mitigate the impacts caused to customers.”

The head of Rental Coins also said that the companies have presented payment plans to customers and that, at the moment, 9,445 customers have accepted the restructuring plan and continue to receive their crypto asset transfer proceeds, while another 4,533 have decided to terminate their contracts through extrajudicial agreements. and 702 benefited from face-to-face legal assistance throughout this year.

Francisley also set the month of October 2022 for the resumption of the relevant payments, “this being the timely period for solving all the failures previously found, enabling the regular continuation of the activities of the companies”.

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