Universal vaccine against covid-19 will begin to be tested

Data from the Vacinómetro platform, managed by the Secretary of State for Public Health (Sespa), indicate that, until the morning of this Thursday (30), 88.52% of the population of Pará has the complete vaccination schedule (with two doses). or single-dose vaccine) against covid-19.

The movement of health bodies is to encourage people to take booster doses to strengthen the barrier of protection against the coronavirus.

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Vaccines and the correct health measures are the most effective ways to ensure the end of the pandemic. This is more than proven and reaffirmed by Science.

New vaccine will be tested on humans in the second half of 2022
New vaccine will be tested on humans in the second half of 2022 | Disclosure / Pfizer

Recently, the German company BioNTech, a partner of Pfizer in the manufacture of vaccines against Covid-19, announced that they are already working on the production of a vaccine that guarantees greater protection against the coronavirus and its variants. Research is advanced, including, and human trials begin next semester.

What’s new with this new immunizer is that it allows for increased production of T cells, primarily designed to protect against serious disease if the virus becomes more dangerous, and pan-coronavirus vaccines that protect against the broader family of viruses and their mutations.

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The two partners, makers of the most widely used Covid-19 vaccine in the western world, are currently in discussions with regulators with improved versions of their established vaccine to better protect against the Ômicron variant and its substrains.

Last Saturday (25), Pfizer released promising data on the adapted version of the Covid-19 vaccine specific to the Ômicron variant. According to the drugmaker, data from the phase 2 and 3 study showed that a booster dose of both adapted vaccine candidates provoked a substantially greater immune response against BA.1 from Omicron BA.1 compared to the current vaccine.

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Robust immune response was observed at two dose levels of 30 and 60 micrograms.

Pandemic data in Pará

According to the Consortium of Press Vehicles, in Pará, since the beginning of the pandemic, 782,892 cases of covid-19 have been confirmed in the state. The death toll reaches 18,463. In the last 24 hours, three people have died as a result of the infection caused by the coronavirus.

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