Volkswagen workers approve agreement that expects to generate 150 new hires in Taubaté | Paraiba Valley and Region

Volkswagen employees approved this Wednesday (29) an agreement to change the calendar of breaks and division of production of the Polo Track with the unit in São Bernardo do Campo (SP). With this, the company should generate 150 hires at the plant.

The agreement was approved by workers on both shifts. The Metalworkers Union’s forecast is that 150 hires will take place in the second half of the year, so that the third shift in stamping and framing will be at full operating capacity as of January.

The proposal also provides for the hiring of 120 Senai apprentices by 2025, in addition to the production of a second new car on the MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix) platform.

Volkswagen factory in Taubaté — Photo: Volkswagen/Disclosure

The Polo Track would initially be an exclusive model of the factory in Taubaté, with the inclusion of the MQB platform, a technology used by the company that allows the production of products that are already produced from this unique matrix.

With the renewal of the agreement, the automaker foresees the inclusion of a second model in the Taubaté factory and the production division of the Polo Track with the São Bernardo unit – the volume exceeding two shifts would be produced in Anchieta.

The Polo Track will be the first new model in Taubaté since Up, in 2014. The amount to be invested in the unit to produce the new car was not informed, but the expectation is that the vehicle will hit stores in 2023.

The company also offered a BRL 2,000 allowance with the change in the timetable, but to be paid in installments. Half by December this year and the rest in 2023.

Changes in the work schedule, days off, extension of the third shift in some sectors and changes in medical insurance are also planned.

With the approval of the proposal, the hiring will be the first job openings at Volkswagen in Taubaté since 2019. At the time, the company opened up to 80 jobs, but on a temporary basis.

The proposal, according to the union, even with the car production division that is in the plant, is a sign of improvement in the scenario with the investments announced last year. In 2021, the company said it would invest R$7 billion in Latin America, starting with the Taubaté plant.

The factory in Taubaté has around 3,200 workers and currently produces Gol and Voyage vehicles.

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