Whistling in the testicle? Man hospitalized with unusual symptoms



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A 72-year-old man from the US state of Ohio has become the first person to be recorded with a “whistling” coming from his genitals worldwide. The man went to an emergency room complaining of the noise added to shortness of breath and swollen face.

Scans revealed that his lungs had collapsed and air was building up inside his body, a dangerous and potentially fatal condition.

Doctors also discovered the source of the whistling: an open sore on the left side of the scrotum. The wound was the result of surgery to reduce swelling at the site, performed five months earlier.

The case was recorded by doctors in the American Journal of Case Reports. The publication claims that this is the first case in the world.

The man had “excessive” amounts of air floating around inside his body, which could affect the heart and become life threatening. The complication was also blamed on her shortness of breath and swollen face.

Two plastic tubes were inserted into the patient to help drain the excess air, during which time the clinical situation worsened, prompting the doctors to place a third tube in the chest. After a three-day hospital stay, the patient was discharged.

However, he remained breathless in his scrotum and abdomen for about two years, which was described as an “abnormally long time”. Doctors did not explain why this phenomenon occurred. Doctors were eventually forced to remove both testicles before the problem was resolved.

There is a medical term for air that gets trapped in the testicles: pneumoscrotum, a rare condition. Only 60 cases have been described in the medical literature, usually caused by penetrating wounds. None of the previously recorded cases included a route for the air to escape. The publication does not reveal when the case took place.

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