5 easter eggs and references in the fourth episode of the series

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This Wednesday (29), the fourth episode of Ms. Marvelbringing a new adventure to Kamala Khan – who this time, goes with his mother to Pakistan while trying to find out more about his origins. And this time, she is not alone, as she meets a new Pakistani hero, the red dagger.

Now, there are only two episodes left for the end of the first season and we are already very curious to know how the conclusion of the plot presented in the series will be. But while we wait, here they go 5 easter eggs and references in the fourth chapter of Ms. Marvel!

Kamala Khan in Karachi

The episode is about taking Kamala Khan to Karachi, one of Pakistan’s most important cities. Therefore, we have a great development not only of the character, but also of his family. However, did you know that this trip to Pakistan is not a series creation? In fact, this happened in the first volume of the character’s comics.

In Ms. marvel #12, Kamala also travels to Karachi as she tries to find her place in the world and get in touch with her roots. And if you’ve read the comic, you may have noticed that many elements of the fourth episode came directly from there, such as the inclusion of the red dagger. But if you haven’t read it, no problem…

HQ for free!

Following a tradition established by moon knightthe newest series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe also makes use of the ingenious device of spreading QR Codes random in each episode. If you scan these codes, you will land on a page in the Marvel Unlimitedwhich offers free comics to read.

In this episode, we can see a QR Code at a kiosk, in the scene where Kamala and her cousins ​​walk through the streets of Karachi. Here, you will find a free edition of Ms. marvel #12, exactly the HQ that we mentioned in the previous item and that shows the adventures of Kamala in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the edition is only available in English.

Ant Man

At a very interesting point in the episode, Kamala Khan “gets lost” from her cousins ​​and begins to walk alone through the streets of Karachi, asking for help from traders while trying to locate the train station mentioned by her grandmother and mother, which was the place where Kamala’s family arrived in the country after The partition of india.

In this station, we can see a graffiti of the Ant Man on one of the walls. This just proves how the Avengers became a worldwide sensation, especially after facing Thanos. An interesting curiosity: in this painting, we can also see a quote from Adrian Alphonaan illustrator who was one of the creators of Kamala in the comics.

red dagger

The episode introduces us to a new hero for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His name is Kareembut he presents himself as the red daggera warrior of a Pakistani vigilante order, which appears to be led by Waleed. Together, Kareem and Kamala face off but soon become great friends and fight the Clandestines.

In the comics, Red Dagger plays a very similar role to the series, but with some notable differences: he’s also a vigilante that Khan meets when he goes to Karachi, but he’s not a member of any order and has no connection to the Underground. After their first date, he ends up going to the United States on an exchange and staying at Kamala’s house.

The costume is coming out of the oven!

So far, we have four episodes but there is still no sign of the costume. Ms. Marvel that Kamala uses in the comics, as much as he prints several posters and promotional materials for the series. The heroine even got her mask, a gift from her friend, Bruno Carrelli – and in this episode, we have another hint at how the uniform is coming soon.

As soon as you participate in training with Kareem and Waleed, Kamala is presented by the master with a blue vest. As much as this vest is not part of the heroine’s final costume, we can’t help but notice the color pattern, since the look of the Ms. Marvel it has shades of red, yellow and… blue! With luck, she will already receive her final costume in the next chapter.

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