7 best action movies released by Netflix in 2022

7 best action movies released by Netflix in 2022
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If you’ve already woken up tired and wanting to go back to bed, Revista Bula now offers you something that will give your spirits a boost. We’ve brought you a list of titles full of life, energy and action for you to keep your eyes wide open and stay alert. Dismiss the stimulants and energy drinks, because these productions will leave you as if you were connected to the 220 volt outlet. Check out these productions and feel the adrenaline rush into your eyes like a laser from your television. Highlights for “Murder Instinct”, 2021, by David Hackl; “The Pirates: In Search of the Lost Treasure”, from 2022, by Jeong-hoom Kim; and 2022’s “RRR — Rise Roar Revolt” by SS Rajamouli. The titles available on Netflix are organized according to the year of release and do not follow classification criteria.

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