Abandoned Burger King is discovered behind the walls of a mall

The restaurant is located at the Concord Mall in Delaware (USA) (Getty Images)
Restaurant is located at Concord Mall in Delaware (USA)

(Getty Images)

  • An abandoned Burger King was discovered behind the walls of a mall in the United States;

  • Place closed in 2009 and still preserves all the vintage decor from the late 1980s;

  • Tour showed the environment intact and even revealed the presence of French fries from the time in a bag.

An abandoned Burger King was discovered completely intact in a very unusual location: behind the walls of the Concord Mall in Delaware (USA). The establishment closed in 2009, but still preserves the decor and style typical of the late 1980s.

To get an idea of ​​how long ago the operations of the Burger King in question were closed, just remember that 2009 was marked by events such as the release of the movie Avatar, the inauguration of Barack Obama and the spread of the swine flu. Over these 13 years, no one has touched the environment.

The photo of the abandoned fast-food chain went viral after a man named Jonathan Pruitt, a mall employee who works in the HVAC sector, posted it on a Facebook page. It didn’t take long before several netizens reposted it on Twitter and Reddit, as per DesignTaxi’s information.

According to the portal Today, the counter, kitchen and drinks station remain intact. There was even a bag of chips when Matt Meyer, a New Castle County executive, visited the site with the mall’s general manager, Thomas Dahlke.

The man filmed a tour of the former Burger King and said he was fascinated by the surroundings, especially as it brings back memories of “the time when retail was a little more human”. Watch the tour:

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