After an athlete is hit by a bar during crossfit in Ceará, a Physical Education professional from Paraíba reinforces: “there is a limit and conscience for any sports practice”

Flávio also highlights that injuries can occur in any activity, but that preparation, and awareness, can avoid not only injuries, but also the feeling of frustration. (Photo: Pixabay/Archive)

To avoid accidents due to lack of strength or preparation, a series of mechanisms are developed in CrossFit practitioners. In an interview with ClickPB, this Thursday (30), the Physical Educator and Level 2 CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Beira Rio, Flávio Gouveia, sympathized with the case of the athlete hit by a bar during training in a box, in Ceará , and countered criticism of the CrossFit modality by reinforcing that “there is a limit and conscience for any sport practice”.

“You can’t judge, because we only have images. It’s something very rare to happen. But what we can evaluate is that it’s noticeable, if you’re a good coach, to see that he’s super tired. he even gives up the first time, and when he takes the bar again, extremely tired, doing a bad execution and trying to get rid of the bar, he ends up making a mistake and, unfortunately, ends up having the blow from the bar compressing his spine”, he lamented.

When regretting what happened, the specialist highlighted some mistakes and reinforced that there are different mechanics for each exercise, as well as the awareness of imposing limits in cases of exhaustion. According to him, there is a series of attention and care in the practice of any exercise, however, many people end up neglecting these situations.

“He could have been more aware that he was already exhausted enough and that it wouldn’t be worth it. There’s the part of the student to feel and to be aware that it’s not possible to continue, there’s the part of the coach to guide the student well , and the mastery of the technique with the process of the dynamics of the exercise. The progression is like this, first the mechanics, then the consistency of doing the mechanics several times, and then the intensity of putting the load and doing everything correctly”, he highlighted.

Flávio also explains that injuries can occur in any activity, but that preparation, and awareness, can avoid not only injuries, but also the feeling of frustration.

“It is evident that the modality is not “dangerous” as they want to defame around. The incidence rate of injuries is similar or even lower than other modalities that involve strength training, such as gyms, for example. So, our solidarity remains to the family, and cheering for this athlete to recover”, he reinforced.

A video captured the moment when the athlete makes a mistake and stays on the ground without being able to get up. The images are strong.

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