After multiple viral diagnoses, 12-year-old girl discovers cancer

A 12-year-old girl was diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer after weeks of being told she had a viral infection. Britain’s Imogen Selvester was hospitalized for the first time in February – she had fatigue, itching and night sweats, as well as a swelling in her neck.

The doctors said it was probably a virus, and that she should come back in three weeks if she didn’t get better. In that time, Imogen was infected with the coronavirus, which worsened her condition even more.

After three weeks, when she returned to the hospital, health professionals ordered tests to understand what the problem was. The girl’s mother, Natalie Bloxham, explains that the queue for the imaging tests was three months, and while they waited, the daughter got worse.

Imogen began to show jaundice, a symptom that turns the patient’s mucous membranes and skin yellow. “She was yellow, with a fever of 40 degrees and strangely colored urine. I rushed her to the hospital,” she recalls, in an interview with the Daily Mail. At the health center, doctors said the problem was due to Covid-19.

However, when doing a CT scan, they discovered tumors in the heart, around the trachea and in other parts of the body. Imogen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and started chemotherapy treatment immediately.

In pink are the tumors discovered in the girl

Cancer arises in the lymphatic system, which is composed of lymph nodes, also known as lymph nodes, and tissues that have the function of producing the cells responsible for immunity.

In this type of cancer, it is possible to verify changes in immune cells, especially lymphocytes, which proliferate excessively. The process causes an inflammatory reaction, which causes the lymph nodes to become swollen, and there is fever and itchy skin, for example.

According to those responsible for the case, despite the cancer being in stage three, considered advanced, the disease is considered treatable and 90% of patients survive more than 10 years after diagnosis.

Imogen is expected to lose her hair and may have difficulty conceiving in the future because of the treatment, but the family is confident of recovery.

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