“At the height of success I was greeted by a very famous man, champagne in hand and bathrobe…”

In the 80s and 90s, boy bands were a worldwide success: who doesn’t remember “Backstreet Boys”, “New Kids on the Block”, “Menudo”, “Five”, “Nsync”, “Tremendo”, “Locomia” , among others, drew a crowd of fans and with his eyes wide open in this market, Gugu Liberato launched bands like “Dominó” and “Polegar”, which were hugely successful on TV and in record sales.

We spoke exclusively with Klaus Hee, a former member of the Dominó group that launched big names in the market such as Afonso Nigro, Nill (who is now an evangelical pastor), Rodrigo Faro,
Rodrigo Phavanello (actor), Marcos Quintela (businessman) among others.


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Klaus, who was often compared to Tom Cruise’s look-alike and was even elected as one of the 10 most handsome men in Brazil, tells us about the lack of opportunities and the height of success.

Klaus Hee

How did the opportunity to join Dominó come about?
I was a stage assistant for 5 years at Programa Passa ou Repassa on SBT, at the height of it, and then Rodrigo Pavanello decided to pursue a solo career and left the group. I remember there were several boys auditioning to replace him. Coincidentally, the program “Passa ou Repassa” where I was stage assistant was about to go off the air. And as I danced very well on the show, the production of Gugu Liberato invited me to audition and I took Rodrigo’s place.

What did you do after you left the group?
I continued to be invited to go to TV shows and for a year I was part of the cast of the humorous “A Praça é Nossa”, I took a break from my career to dedicate myself to music, I was part of rock and hard rock bands and my family , in addition to studying, I graduated in physical education in 2008 and taught in schools, gym and worked as a personal trainer.

Does being beautiful get in the way?
It helps a lot, despite generating jealousy. At the time I was approached on the street, gave autogrades and received the affection of the fans. Other good things is that blue eyes
help to cut the line, win gifts, receive smiles, xavecos and gifts.

Klaus Hee – ex Domino

Do you think they saw more of your beauty than your talent?
I think my story is not over yet, I have a lot of big projects, I need an opportunity to show my full potential..

Were you very harassed at work?
I wouldn’t use “harassed” I prefer “xavecado”, I received dozens of xavecos, of all kinds, especially in the artistic world. In the middle of work as a “common citizen” it never happened, in the gyms it does. I’ve been to the house of a very famous artist, now deceased, who received me with very cold champagne in his hands, bubbly and in a white bathrobe. That’s because we were going out to a sporting event. I had to leave the French way and fast, otherwise the harassment would be strong…

Talk about your music career
I recently re-recorded some hits by the group Dominó, I made a new song in partnership with Alex Gil (from Grupo Polegar) and today I’m dedicating myself to Christian and gospel music in the pop-rock style.
I love to praise the Lord and glorify his name, I make very exciting and touching rhythms and I’m negotiating with a record label of the genre.

What happened to job opportunities?
On TV almost Zero. Rede Record never called me for anything and I got tired of seeing several artists friends and famous friends and I even dated go to the station, participating in several programs including reality shows. SBT opened its doors and I recorded the Silvio Santos and Celso Portiolli Program. For a while now, I’ve become a little discouraged. I think it’s a lack of consideration not with me but with the public that liked my work.
I’m not an internet mouse, I never liked being an influencer, or doing things to get likes. This strategy is not part of my being, but being charismatic, authentic and true, TV and music are my passions, that’s why I graduated in radio and studied social communication, who knows, maybe there’s a good opportunity now…

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Klaus Hee

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