Azov Battalion fighters are exchanged for Russian fighters – Ground Forces

Ukraine and Russia announced on Wednesday that they had exchanged 144 soldiers each, making this the biggest exchange of prisoners since the war began in February.

“During a large-scale exchange, 144 defenders of Ukraine were released from captivity,” he wrote on Facebook. the Defense Intelligence arm of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

According to axios of the 144 soldiers who returned to Ukraine, 95 of them fought in a months-long battle to defend the Azovstal steel factory in Mariupol, which, according to sources, was the last point of support for the Ukrainian resistance in the city.

“Most of the released Ukrainians have serious injuries,” the Defense Ministry adds, including “gunshot and shrapnel wounds, explosive wounds, burns, fractures, limb amputations.” But “everyone receives adequate medical and psychological assistance.”

More than 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers laid down their weapons in May after Russian forces captured Mariupol, the New York Times reported. More than a dozen prisoner exchanges between Russia and Ukraine have taken place since the invasion began. On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Ukraine had exchanged 15 Russian POWs for a civilian and 16 Ukrainian POWs.


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