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“Is your name Antunes? Rafael Antunes? Curious. I know another Rafael Antunes. Well, it must be some namesake”, says the doctor, not suspecting anything.

Rafael Antunes recovers after months in a coma in ‘Beyond Illusion’ – Photo: Globo

Rafael will then ask when he will be discharged, and Dr. Elias will answer that he will need a lot of physical therapy and patience to fully recover after so many months in a coma.

“I’m counting the hours to get back to this ‘normal life’. I need to go in search of that lost time. Hope you still have a job,” he says hopefully.

But “Beyond Illusion” will have a passage of time and, in this same chapter, Rafael Antunes will appear recovered in search of his job at the factory. And who will he look for? None other than Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita).

“A few months ago I was hired to work here on the board. But I had a serious train accident and was in a coma for many months. Is my spot still available?”

Rafael Antunes will ask about his job in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

Joaquim will not understand anything…

“Sorry, what’s your name?”

And then it will reveal:

“My name is Rafael Antunes.”

Joaquim will be shocked by the revelation of Rafael Antunes in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

And now?! What will Joaquim do with this valuable information?! Don’t miss the next chapters of your 6 o’clock soap opera!

02 Jul


Isadora doesn’t understand Joaquim’s attitudes. Margô decides to sign up for the radio contest. Benê suffers from Olivia’s rejection. Joaquim looks for his documents at Rafael’s house. Violeta fires Benê. Matias gets angry with the new nurse. Davi hears Isadora curse Elisa’s supposed murderer and is saddened. Eugenio and Úrsula get married. Lucinha watches, sadly, the soccer team training. Bento manages to take more steps with Silvana’s help. Lorenzo and Leticia date. Rafael Antunes arrives at the weaving facility and is greeted by Joaquim.

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See when Rafael Antunes woke up from his coma:

The real Rafael Antunes awakens from coma

The real Rafael Antunes awakens from coma

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