Caixa’s deputy linked to the former president will be removed from office | Lauro Jardim

Celso Leonardo, Caixa's number two

In the wake of accusations of sexual harassment that ousted Pedro Guimarães from the presidency of Caixa, the vice president of the bank’s Wholesale Business, Celso Leonardo Barbosa, will be removed from his duties today. In the bank hierarchy, it is number 2.

Barbosa, who is also an MMA fighter and was the executive closest to Guimarães on the bank’s board, is mentioned in the complaint made by an employee at the Caixa ombudsman as being a collaborator of the former president in some of his investments.

Although the MPF received five complaints of sexual harassment, only one complaint was formally filed with the Caixa ombudsman.

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Other Caixa people linked to Guimarães were also named in this complaint, but in a less forceful and detailed manner. They will be heard in internal investigations, but not removed.

Barbosa’s removal will be discussed today by Caixa’s board of directors, which will hold a new extraordinary meeting today, the second since yesterday. And it is certain that the decision will be to remove him from the position while the internal investigations are not concluded.

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There is the possibility that Barbosa himself voluntarily asks for his removal even today.

Barbosa, by the way, was the name indicated by Pedro Guimarães to replace him when he fell the day before yesterday. A suggestion that, of course, did not stick.

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