Claro’s 5G arrives with the maximum speed that technology can offer

Claro's 5G comes with a lot of speed
According to José Félix, president of Claro Brasil, 5G will take the full potential of fiber from home to the streets. Credit-Disclosure

Claro’s 5G will reach Brazilian capitals with the maximum speed that technology can offer. The operator announced today, 30, how it will offer the service, abusing what is most valuable: a large amount of spectrum, which will all be directed to increase the quality and speed of the new service.

The operator will launch the service in Brasília, when Anatel authorizes its operation, next week, already with carrier aggregation, joining the 3.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz frequencies, acquired in last year’s auction. With this, no less than 150 MHz will be available for 5G (100 MHz in the 3.5 GHz band and 50 MHz in the 2.3 GHz band). The more frequency available, the more speed and more data capacity to travel. Claro’s already reaches 2 GB of speed.


“We are taking a leap forward, with a much superior network, to expand the customer experience,” said Paulo César Teixeira, president of the company’s Consumer Unit. According to him, the company’s decision is to optimize investments, and therefore, in all the cities where Claro will launch 5G, it will stop investing in the legacy network, the 4G, uniting the two frequencies for the most modern technology. .

According to the executive, in the future, if data consumption increases, the company will still add another 20 MHz from the 2.1 GHz band. According to Teixeira, the option to offer more bandwidth is justified due to the behavior of users who already have 5G cell phones at the operator’s base. “The two million 5G customers in our base already consume twice as much data as 4G technology,” he said. According to Teixeira, all Claro customers who already have a 5G cell phone will automatically switch to the new bands.

For the CEO of Claro Brasil, José Félix, the full potential of technology is not yet known, but we already have an idea of ​​the transformation that it will promote throughout society. “5G will take to the streets and everywhere all the potential that fiber offers in the home,” he said.

The service announcement could not be associated with the beginning of commercialization in the Federal District, because Anatel has not yet given the necessary authorization. “I know that everyone wants to connect the capitals as quickly as possible, but my responsibility is to release 5G as safely as possible”, said counselor Moisés Moreira at the operator’s party. But he anticipated that his expectation is that 5G will be commercially launched in Brasília next week.


Initially, Claro’s 5G will be available in Plano Piloto, Lago Sul and Lago Norte, but by the end of the year, it should reach different satellite cities. “Our coverage area is much larger than the auction obligation”, stated Teixeira.

While Claro will direct its strategy towards the individual consumer, Embratel will dedicate itself to being the “digital enabler” for corporations in all industrial segments. According to José Formoso, president of Embratel, the operator even intends to build private networks for companies. And it announced the first private network contract with the Gerdau group, for the construction of an LTE/5G network in the company’s largest steel mill in Minas Gerais.

For Márcio Carvalho, Marketing director at the operator, this “will be a golden opportunity for Brazil to regain global competitiveness” and, for that, the service needs to be launched. “Claro is anxiously awaiting the green light for the start”, he added.


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