Claudia Raia apologizes to Marisa Monte after exposing the singer’s relationship with Frota: ‘I was wrong’

Actress exposed on a television show that the singer lost her virginity to a federal deputy

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Claudia Raia apologized after exposing that Marisa Monte lost her virginity to Frota

The actress Claudia Raia apologized to the singer Marisa Monte for the comment he made involving something intimate with the artist on the program “Saia Justa”, on GNT. The actress, currently married to the actor Jarbas Homem de Melloexposed that the former member of Tribalistas lost her virginity with the federal deputy from São Paulo Alexandre Frota. Claudia’s statement went viral on social media and she decided to recant. “I was wrong to make an inappropriate and wrong comment on my part about an artist I admire so much. It was an unnecessary and mistaken speech that is not justified by the intention of joking. Here’s my sincere apology and lesson learned. Because it’s like that, we learn”, declared the actress this Friday, 1, in Instagram stories. Claudia was married to Frota de 1986 to 1989 and, to this day, this relationship generates comment and speculation.

“[As pessoas falam como se] only I dated and married Alexandre Frota. Marisa Monte lost her virginity to Alexandre Frota, Paula Lavigne dated Alexandre Frota. Why just me, people? The person has to share the weight a little”, commented the artist, who drew laughter from the GNT presenters. With the repercussion of the matter, Frota manifested itself on social networks. “I’m very sorry that Claudia Raia still hasn’t forgotten me. With all due respect, I think she is making a mistake and going over the curve, over time she is getting funny, she even put Marisa in the gossip”, posted the politician. the singer of Baby I love you, who turns 55 this Friday, did not comment. Fleet made public that already dated the artist when participating in a podcast last year: “I met Marisa Monte many years ago, in Rio, doing a play Miguel Falabella, the ‘Rocky Horror Show’. She was my girlfriend, nobody knew.”

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