Cruzeiro completes 10 games without conceding a goal in Brazilian Serie B

Rafael Cabral has shown himself to be increasingly confident in Cruzeiro's goal
photo: Staff Images/Cruise

Rafael Cabral has shown himself to be increasingly confident in Cruzeiro’s goal

The 2-0 victory over Vila Nova, this Friday (1st), in Mineiro, marked Cruzeiro’s tenth game without conceding a goal in this edition of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.

In the 15 duels disputed by the national competition, the celestial team was only leaked in five. They were against Bahia (2-0 defeat), Tombense (1-1 draw), Operrio (2-1 victory) and Vasco (1-0 defeat). All of them out of the house.

Cruzeiro’s defensive system is the second best in Serie B, with only six goals conceded. Only Grmio, leaked five times, surpasses Fox.

Against Vila Nova, Pezzolano had to change defenders. Eduardo Brock, absolute starter and captain of the team, was preserved due to his physical condition. Cruzeiro’s midfielder, Willian Oliveira was also spared for that reason.

Accumulating victories – against Vila it was the 12th -, Cruzeiro took the lead in Serie B. Today, the celestial club has 37 points – seven more than vice-leader Vasco and 16 more than Sport, the first team outside the G4.

Games in which Cruzeiro conceded a goal in Serie B

Bahia (2-0 defeat away from home)

Tombense (1-1, away from home)

Worker (2-1 win away from home)

Vasco (1-0 defeat away from home)

Sport (2-1 win at home)

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