‘Cryptocurrency Sheik’ has R$79 million jet blocked by Justice

Investigated for fraud in a scheme involving digital currencies, Francisley Valdevino da Silva, known as Francis da Silva, or Sheik, has at least one jet worth R$79 million and a commercial property in Curitiba valued at more than R$2.2 million. .

The assets were picked up by lawyers for injured clients from Rental Coins — one of Silva’s companies. Both assets are listed as blocked by the Court. Among the victims are Sasha Meneghel and her husband, João Figueiredo, who would have lost R$ 1.2 million in the scheme.

Victims claim that Silva took money, invested in a digital asset and hijacked the funds, returning them to a fake cryptocurrency called Mindexcoin, which has no market value and is not found on exchanges.

O UOL sought out lawyer Alan Luciano, who represents Rental Coins, but got no response. The report will be updated as soon as the demonstration arrives.

R$79 million jet

The aircraft is a Cessna Aircraft, model C680, manufactured in 2008. With the capacity to carry nine passengers, such a jet can be found for US$ 15 million — equivalent to R$ 79,837,500.00 at today’s quotation — in the sale of used aircraft.

The aircraft was transferred to ITX Administradora de Bens LTDA in 2019, according to ANAC (National Aviation Agency) registration. This company is owned by Francisley Valdevino da Silva.

jet - Reproduction - Reproduction

Cessna Aircraft, model C680, manufactured in 2008, was blocked by the Court

Image: Reproduction

The property in Curitiba is in the name of Interag Administração de Fundos Ltda, whose “administrator” is the Sheik of cryptocurrencies. The property was acquired in November 2021 and, since March 2022, it has been listed as unavailable due to a lawsuit against the company.

The lawyer Jeferson Sarandy Brandão explained to the UOL which is representing around 200 customers injured by Rental Coin. “And the number keeps growing. There are people who invested R$ 1 million, R$ 5 million, but there are people who came to me and said they gave R$ 2 thousand, R$ 10 thousand.”

Among Brandão’s clients are foreigners from the United States and Italy. According to the lawyer, more than 100 companies have already been identified in which the Sheik has connections that would have been used to hide assets.

The defense of injured clients has already filed different requests for the seizure of assets in early injunction. “We are monitoring and going after goods so that people have a chance to receive them, but what we already know is that there is not enough money for everyone”, says Brandão.

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