Danielle Winits, wife of André Gonçalves, talks about the betrayal case

The actress Danielle Winits48 years old, opened her heart and opined about betrayal. She, who is the protagonist of the play The liealongside Miguel Falabella, showing in Rio de Janeiro, lives a character who discovers that his friend’s husband has another wife, and faces the dilemma of whether to tell him or not.

She, who offstage is Married to actor André Gonçalves, assessed the situationin an interview with journalist Danilo Perelló, from the newspaper Extra. “It is difficult to judge this situation. There are agreements that people make in relationships. When they are broken, it gets complicated. And it’s that story of putting the spoon. We discuss this on stage, equal rights and freedom between a couple”said.


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Danielle Winitsin turn, declared that he had already experienced a situation similar to the playin which she felt trapped by a lie. “I experienced the dilemma of being in a relationship, the other person meeting a third person and starting to relate to him or her. Then I became aware of his nature and felt powerless.”she recalled.

“I think there are things that are impossible to keep secret, like character issues. I celebrated internally afterwards, as a release (laughs)”explained Danielle, who has been married since 2016 to André Gonçalves, who was recently involved in alimony controversy with his daughters.

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