Datafolha: Lula has 43% of voting intentions in São Paulo against 30% for Bolsonaro

Former President Lula leads the dispute over voting intentions in the state of São Paulo. The PT has 43% against 30% for Bolsonaro, according to Datafolha.

In third place appears Ciro Gomes (PDT) with 8%, followed by Simonte Tebet (MDB), with 3%.

In the state, PT achieves greater voting intentions among young people aged between 16 and 24 (49%); the percentage goes to 40% among voters over 60 years old.

The pre-candidate is preferred among homosexual and bisexual voters (74%) compared to heterosexual voters (39%). Their voting intention is also more expressive among the black population (54%) than among the white population of São Paulo (36%).

When considering the salary cut, Lula has 47% of voting intentions among those who receive up to two minimum wages; the percentage drops to 33% among those who earn more than ten minimum wages. Among the unemployed it reaches 46% and, among entrepreneurs, 27%.

In the capital, the PT sums up 50% of the voting intentions and 37% in the interior.

Bolsonaro, in turn, concentrates greater voting intentions among men (34%); among women the rate is 26%. Among young people aged between 16 and 24, it accounts for 22%, 35% among residents of the interior, 44% among evangelicals and 52% among entrepreneurs.

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