‘Days before entering the ‘BBB’ I was prostituting myself’

The model, makeup artist and ex-‘BBB’ and ‘No Limite’ Ariadna Arantes was this week’s guest of “De Lado Com Fefito” at Splash Channelof UOL. Ariadna became nationally known, in 2011, as the first trans woman to participate in the reality show.

But, unlike Linn da Quebrada, who made a historic participation in this year’s edition, Ariadna was eliminated in the first week. And, as Fefito recalled, Ariadna was placed on the “BBB” for transphobic purposes. “Were you hurt to hear of this intention?” asked the journalist.

“It’s the first time I stop to think about it,” replied Ariadna, who claims to have no regrets. “Even because it was a time of absolute ignorance, despite having already taken place in the 2000s.”

She remembered a former boss who once told her, “When you come to work, cut your nails really short. On the weekend, do whatever you want,” she recalled.

These were things that I had to listen to at the time, and know how to live with them, because it was not a time of militancy.

‘We have the same feelings’

Ariadna, who is 38 years old, made a sad realization: “I’ve already passed the life expectancy of a transvestite.” In Brazil, the average life expectancy of the trans and transvestite population is 35 years. Worse, the country remained, in 2021, as the one that kills most transgender people in the world, a leadership maintained since the ranking began to be formulated in 2008.

Therefore, the presence of Linn da Quebrada in “BBB 22”, with the national reach of the program, was a great advance, says Ariadna:

It’s important to have a transvestite in your house, so you know that we eat, drink, cry, laugh and have the same feelings. It has no distinction for being who we are.

Ariadna - UOL - UOL

Former ‘BBB’ Ariadna participates in ‘De Lado com Fefito’

Image: UOL

Hard times

Ariadna also remembered the time when she had to prostitute herself – something she did until 2011. “Days before entering the BBB I was prostituting myself”, she said. “When I got the call from the production, I had just arrived in Belo Horizonte to prostitute myself.”

I worked on the corner of the hotel where I was confined, in Rio de Janeiro, for the ‘BBB’. And from the window I saw my friend down there, prostituting herself. In the interview for ‘BBB’ the last question was: ‘are you still prostituting yourself?’ And I replied: ‘yes, because none of you here pay my bills’. That truth is what made me chosen.


Ariadna also made other revelations in the interview. She spoke of her beef with Larry Bottino:

The frill wasn’t lending the bracelet, it was the cat’s abuse.

From the episode with Pedro Scooby in Milan:

I was at Anitta’s concert in Milan, Scooby was there and the first question he asks me is: ‘Are you trans?’ And I replied: trans comes from transition. I’ve been through this, I’m a woman.

And the celebrities she knew most intimately:

Among football players and celebrities, there were about 8. Only one asked for a secret. Football player has more grip. The one who asked me to secrecy is an ex-‘BBB’.

Ariadna - UOL - UOL

Ariadna and Fefito

Image: UOL

unfinished story

Ariadna also spoke of her current moment. Despite her fame, she still hasn’t conquered the long-awaited financial tranquility.

“I bought a house, a car, I helped my family… but I’m still trying to survive”, he said. Despite advances in recent years, she still encounters difficulties.

I am very boycotted, to this day, by companies, agencies and people.

At one point in the interview, Fefito wanted to know if, despite everything, Ariadna would return to participate in the “BBB”.

I would come back. I have an unfinished story. My spirit is still there in that house.

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