Deolane Bezerra reveals Ludmilla’s phone number when thanking tribute to MC Kevin

Deolane Bezerra leaked Ludmilla’s phone number when thanking a tribute paid to MC Kevin. At the Lud Session released last Thursday (5), the funkeira sang with Luísa Sonza the song Doctor 3which the funk singer made for the lawyer shortly before he died.

Ludmilla reserved the last song of the project to honor Kevin. “I dedicate this last song to my eternal and dear friend MC Kevin. Forever in our hearts”, says the funkeira before singing the song of the funkeiro, who died in May 2021, when he fell from the balcony of a hotel in Rio de Janeiro .

On social media, Deolane thanked Ludmilla for the tribute. “I have goosebumps with this here,” wrote the DJ on Twitter when sharing the video of the artists singing the song.

On Instagram, she shared a print of the conversation with the funkeira asking if her followers wanted to see her reaction when she heard about the tribute. The doctor, however, ended up revealing Lud’s phone number.

Ludmilla said that she received many messages from fans and said she needed to change her number. “I was on my cell phone browsing and out of nowhere I start to receive a flood of messages. Lots of messages, calls, video calls, people asking for tickets to tomorrow’s Numanice, talking a lot of things, crazy. A lot of people, man cell phone crashed. I found out that Deolane, poor thing, went to take a print of the screen and showed my number. It leaked and it was crazy “, he said.

See below the video of Ludmilla and Luísa Sonza singing Doctor 3:

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