Dream becoming reality? President of Brazilian giant confirms “conversations” with Neymar’s father


Brazilian striker is being questioned at PSG

Santos president will talk to know the possibility of Neymar returning to Brazil
© Kenta Harada/Getty Images AsiaPacSantos president will talk to know the possibility of Neymar returning to Brazil

You’re welcome Neymar back in Brazilian football? At 30 and being one of the highest paid players in the world is hard to imagine. However, Santos president Andrés Rueda believes that this possibility, even small, could happen.

In an interview with Radio Guarujá, The Santos representative confirmed that he has conversations with Neymar Paiwhich manages the career of the Brazilian striker.

“I usually talk to Neymar’s father, we exchange ideas and it’s part of our daily life. With this opportunity and what happens to him at PSG, Santos will always leave the doors open and dream. Santos would like to have Neymar in his house”, declared Rueda.

Despite being the club that formed him and having direct contact with his father, Rueda knows that the chance of Neymar returning to Brazil is small.

“When he left, he said he would go and come back. We talk, we know it’s difficult and a dream, but we don’t have it. We’re talking, let’s talk and it’s a dream. My obligation is to at least try”, concluded Rueda.

Neymar should visit CT Rei Pele

Neymar is on vacation from PSG and is in Brazil. This week he visited the Institute that bears his name in Praia Grande, in Baixada Santista. According to ESPN, the ace is expected to visit CT Rei Pelé in the coming days.

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