Excellent news for Abel. Scarpa accepts to stay until the end of December at Palmeiras. In 2023, he will be free. And you can go out ‘for free’ – Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

Since July 2021, Palmeiras’ management has tried to convince Gustavo Scarpa to extend his contract, which expires at the end of this year.

At the request of Abel Ferreira, of course.

Firmly, but without disruptions, the midfielder was clear.

He wants to have the experience of playing in Europe.

Since then, the situation has remained the same. With the direction of Palmeiras trying to make the midfielder change his mind. There were four friendly conversations, but to no avail.

Coach Abel Ferreira guarantees that he perfectly understands the right of the 28-year-old player.

As of this Friday (1st), the midfielder can sign a pre-contract and guarantee his departure to any other team.

Gustavo Scarpa has been sought after by European football’s smaller teams. Olympiacos, from Greece; Galatasaray, from Turkey; and Nottingham Forest, England.

He dreams of a more structured team.

But the leaders of Palmeiras managed, at least, that he doesn’t force the exit in this window of the middle of the year. Unless it is an irrefutable proposal for the player and the club.

To earn a “small” amount, the choice is to keep it. Even knowing that he can leave without yielding anything to Palmeiras.

Because Abel Ferreira considers him “indispensable” in the pursuit of Libertadores, Copa do Brasil and Brasileiro. President Leila Ferreira heard this definition from the coach himself.

Gustavo Scarpa accepted and, at first, will stay until December.

Which has already brought enormous relief to the managers and the coach.

But in these next six months, the seduction will continue.

Palmeiras does not want to give up the player.

And it offers what the board calls “great financial compensation.”

But, at least until December, Gustavo Scarpa is theoretically guaranteed.

What is considered a “reinforcement” for Abel Ferreira…

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