Family found dead, police suspect suicide over cryptocurrency damage

The recent collapse of the Terra (Luna) cryptocurrency and the TerraUSD stablecoin is a tragedy for thousands, causing many to lose all their savings. In a landmark tragedy, a family was found dead in South Korea, with police suspecting a suicide motivated by the cryptocurrency collapse and the financial despair it caused.

According to local South Korean news, a car belonging to the family of a 10-year-old student named Cho Yoo-napreviously reported missing, was recovered in the waters off the island of Wando, South Jeola, last Wednesday. In addition to the girl’s body, there were also the bodies of her parents, police suspect.

The corpse of an adult man that police believe to be Cho’s father, 36, was found in the driver’s seat, while two female bodies allegedly belonging to Cho and her 35-year-old mother were found in the back seats when the car was driven away. taken from the lake.

The family’s Audi was found about 10 meters underwater at 5:12 pm the previous day at a site near the port of Songgok in the South Jeolla region.

According to police, the trunk of the car was broken into, presumably after some sort of impact. In addition to the bodies in the vehicle, suitcases with clothes and other personal belongings were also recovered.

The discovery of the vehicle came nearly a month after Cho and her parents were last seen alive on security cameras and six days after her school in Gwangju filed a police report.

Investigators suspect a possible suicide. However, they believe the family was struggling to pay their bills. Cho’s father ran a computer store that was closed a year ago, and police found unpaid bills at the residence.

The father of the family had done research on the Luna cryptocurrency

Cho’s father, who owned a computer store, closed the business last year after struggling to pay his bills.

After a police search warrant to verify the parents’ online activity passed Wednesday, investigators found that some of the keywords frequently used by Cho’s parents in their online searches included “moon coin”, “sleeping pills” and “ways to make an extreme choice” – a Korean phrase that is a euphemism for suicide.

The situation still needs to be investigated, but the clues point out that Luna’s fall had some influence on the decision of the father of Cho’s family, which led to a tragic conclusion.

However, it is always worth remembering that as desperate as the financial situation is, your health is worth much more than any cryptocurrency or is more important than any debt.

It is always important to seek help when intrusive thoughts suggest drastic measures. If you are going through moments like this, count on the Hot line, available 24 hours a day by phone at 188.

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