Fan bought $40,000 worth of Nintendo stock to ask the company’s president for a new F-Zero

The request was made during the company’s last meeting with its shareholders.

During a shareholder meeting held last Wednesday (June 29), Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa was asked about the possibility of return of the F-Zero franchise. While questions on topics of this type are common, what made the situation unusual is the fact that the person responsible for the questioning invested US$ 40,000 in company shares just with the objective of being able to do so.

According to Business Insider, the anonymous investor known only as Momiji bought 100 shares of the company in February this year with the intention of participating in a meeting with its directors. “I’ve been playing Nintendo games since I was a kid. Among them, I can’t get enough of F-Zero’s sense of speed” explained Momiji.

While the number of shares acquired gave the shareholder the right to participate in the meeting, the possibility to ask a question about the racing series came as a stroke of luck. In response, Furukawa responded that Nintendo thinks “realistically difficult” develop new titles, remakes and sequels from all of its franchises.

Nintendo does not disclose if it has plans for F-Zero

We can’t say if there are any plans for future remakes of any specific game.o,” said Shinnya Takahashi, CEO of Nintendo. “But during development, we are always thinking about various possibilities that players can take advantage of.”. In other words, he did not confirm the development of a new F-Zero, but left it in the air that there is a possibility that the series will continue in the future.

The space racing franchise began in 1990 on the Super Nintendo, taking advantage of the console’s hardware to bring environments that mimicked 3D scenarios. Is it over there received sequels for Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advanced and Game Cubemany of them created with the help of external developers.

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The last title in the series for consoles is F-Zero GXreleased for Game Cube in 2003 and developed by Amusement Vision — SEGA team that would eventually take over the Yakuza series shortly thereafter. On Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company offers access to the Original F-Zero and the F-Zero X (from Nintendo 64) for the subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online.


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