Gasoline reaches R$ 6.53 in Fortaleza, even without a reduction in ICMS determined by the Court; understand – Business

The reduction of the ICMS rate on fuels began to take effect this Friday (1st) throughout Brazil, by a preliminary decision of Minister André Mendonça, of the STF. And, although the measure has not yet been applied to gasoline in Ceará, stations in Fortaleza have already registered a drop in prices.

According to the weekly survey by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), in the week between June 19 and 25, the average price of gasoline in the capital was R$ 7.83. O Northeast diary found prices well below that level.

The report ran stations in the Capital between last Thursday (30) and this Friday and noticed a reduction of up to R$ 0.12 in the prices charged per liter of common gasoline between one day and another.

The lowest price found was R$ 6.53, since the day before the fuel was found at R$ 6.55.

Gas stations below R$7

  • Aldeota Post (Av. Barão de Studart and Av. Santos Dumont): R$ 6.55
  • Barão Post (Av. Barão de Studart and Av. Santos Dumont): R$ 6.55
  • Shell Station (R. Torres Câmara and R. José Lourenço): R$ 6.55
  • Shell Post (Av. Barão de Studart with R. Padre Valdevino: R$ 6.55
  • Bela Vista II Post (Av. Barão de Studart and R. Júlio Siqueira: R$ 6.53
  • Sobral and Palácio (Av. Engenheiro Santana Jr. With R. Israel Bezerra: R$ 6.99

Impasse between states and federal government

President Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned two laws that interfere with the taxation of ICMS, Complementary Laws 192 and 194. They define a standardization of the rate charged by states on fuel, establishing a ceiling of 17%.

The measures were frowned upon by the states, which will have a considerable loss of revenue with the reduction of the ICMS rate.

In order to comply with André Mendonça’s injunction, which determined the unification of ICMS rates as of the 1st, the National Committee of State and Federal District Finance Secretaries (Comsefaz) approved, on Thursday (30), the regulation of the new calculation method only for the diesel rate.

Now, this fuel is now calculated based on the moving average of prices charged to the final consumer considering the last 60 months, a measure also determined by Mendonça.

However, other fuels were left out. According to the attorneys general of the States and the Federal District (DF), there is a “technical impossibility” to fully comply with the injunction. Thus, they asked for another 30 days to seek an agreement with the Union.

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