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A prime-time audience success, “Pantanal” managed the feat of making an amateur mistake and breaking Globo’s quality standard. The plot signed by Bruno Luperi and directed by Davi Lacerda missed a scene error in this Thursday’s chapter (30). The sequence in question took place during breakfast with the Leôncio family.

In the last block of the novel, Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) seems to be drinking coffee next to José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) and Filó (Dira Paes). Gathered at the table, they discuss the arrival of Mariana (Selma Egrei) and Zaquieu (Selvero Pereira) at the farm. The duo was convinced by Irma (Camila Morgado) to leave Rio de Janeiro to spend time in the Pantanal region.

“Well, I’ll go get Aunt Irma and Mariana. I’m going to get the salt and bring the fishing tools that you asked for too, father”, commented Joventino. “Okay, son”, replied the ex-husband of Madelaine (Karine Teles). Curious, Filó changed the course of the conversation and asked her stepson about a possible stay of the lady of Rio de Janeiro in Mato Grosso do Sul.

“You can’t tell Filó, Dona Marina is unpredictable. It was a miracle enough to convince her to get on the plane. I think she stays for a few days, yes”, replied the boyfriend of Juma Marruá (Alanis Guillen). “She can stay as long as she wants, she is very welcome here”, replied the father of José Lucas de Nada (Irandhir Santos). “It wouldn’t be any different. She is your child’s grandmother”, interrupted Tadeu’s mother (José Loreto).

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As the dialogue took place, a detail on the table caught the audience’s attention: Jove’s empty plate. Zé Leôncio’s youngest son fed on “wind”. In the sequence of the scene, the direction of the soap opera “Pantanal” erred in the game of cameras and showed more than it intended. Even with the mistake, Globo made the blunt gaffe available in full on Globoplay.

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