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The Government of Alagoas announced this Friday (1) that the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) on fuels, natural gas, electricity, communications and collective transport was reduced from 29% to 17%. The estimate of the State is that the liter will cost R$ 4.90, a reduction of R$ 2.49.

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The states of SP, RJ, MG, PR, GO and SC also reduced ICMS. The measure complies with supplementary law 194/22, which limits the collection of ICMS on fuel, electricity, communications and public transport to the rate applied to goods in general.

“I signed the decree authorizing the reduction of the tax rate in Alagoas from 29% to 17%”, said Governor Paulo Dantas (MDB).

Before, the ICMS on gasoline was 29%, on electricity, at 27%, and on communications, at 30%.

Gasoline price should fall R$ 2.49

Before the ICMS reduction, the average price of fuel in Alagoas was R$ 7.39 (common gasoline); BRL 7.53 (additive gasoline), BRL 7.78 (S10 diesel oil) and BRL 107.16 (13 kg cooking gas cylinder), according to a survey by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels ( ANP).

The expectation of the state government is that the average price will drop to R$ 4.90 (common gasoline); BRL 4.90 (additive gasoline), BRL 4.03 (S10 diesel oil) and BRL 71.89 (13 kg cooking gas cylinder).

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