Henry’s mother is rejected in cell by delegate linked to animal game

Monique Medeiros is rejected in cell by delegate Adriana Belém

Monique Medeiros is rejected in cell by delegate Adriana Belém

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The Santo Expedito Penal Institute, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, had a confusion involving delegate Adriana Belém, arrested on suspicion of involvement with a gambling network, and Monique Medeiros, suspected of participating in the death of her own son, Henry Borel. . The delegate would not have accepted the arrival of the prisoner in the same cell as her, and demanded for her to leave, causing Monique to be relocated.

As reported by The globe, Adriana would have been surprised, when leaving the bathroom, with the presence of Monique in the same cell where she is imprisoned. The delegate then stated that the space was intended only for guarding female police officers, and asked, screaming, that Monique be transferred to another chess set.

Also according to the vehicle, Adriana argued that the cell she is in is “classified as a staff member, which is only entitled to public security professionals” and, for that reason, Monique could not stay in the place.

In a note sent to Earth, the Secretary of State for Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) informs that, due to the judicial decision that determines the return of Monique Medeiros to the SEAP prison unit, she was temporarily placed in the same cell as the delegate Adriana Belém for the of sorting. After a few minutes, Monique Medeiros was relocated to another cell.

wanted by Earth, Monique’s defense did not want to take a position on what happened. The report has not yet been able to contact the lawyer representing Adriana Belém.

Delegate’s arrest

The licensed delegate of the Civil Police Adriana Belém was arrested in May of this year, after having the preventive detention decreed by the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro.

Adriana was one of the targets of the Caligula operation, launched by the MPRJ (Rio de Janeiro Public Prosecutor’s Office) against a gambling network allegedly led by the criminal Rogério de Andrade, along with his son Gustavo, with the participation of ‘dozens’ of criminals, among them Ronnie Lessa, accused of the shooting murder of councilor Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes, in 2018.

In a search warrant at the licensed delegate’s house, located in a luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca, around R$ 2 million in cash were seized. The money, according to the MPRJ, was located in bags and in a suitcase.

Monique’s Return to Jail

The 7th Criminal Chamber of the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice ordered Monique back to jail this week. The judges upheld the Public Prosecutor’s appeal against a lower court decision that had determined the release of Monique and her transfer to an unknown address, after alleged threats in the prison. On April 6, she was released and monitored by an electronic anklet.

In his decision, the judge Joaquim Domingos de Almeida Neto, rapporteur of the case, pointed out that Monique is accused of murder practiced with torture, a heinous crime, and her permanence in a confidential place “makes it impossible to have supervision by the Public Ministry, as well as as it makes it difficult for the State to ensure its integrity”.

According to the court, she will be detained in a prison battalion while the threats are investigated. Monique and Henry’s stepfather, former councilor Dr. Jairinho, are defendants for the death of the child.

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