Henry’s mother is transferred from cell after delegate Adriana Belém does not accept to share special prison in Rio – Notícias

accused of the death of Henry Borelher son, teacher Monique Medeiros, was transferred from a cell after the delegate Adriana Belém did not agree to share the special prison with the detainee. Monique returned to the Santo Expedito Penal Institutein Bangu, west of Rio, last Wednesday (29), by decision of the Court.

According to information from Record TVthe delegate, arrested for being caught with R$ 1.8 million at home, was surprised by Monique’s presence after getting out of the shower. Witnesses said that there was a great deal of confusion due to the arrival of Henry’s mother at the scene.

Adriana allegedly claimed that the staff room should only house public security agents. In fact, the environment was improvised to receive the delegate, since there was no space like this for women.

In a note, Seap (Secretariat of State for Penitentiary Administration) explained that Monique was placed “temporarily” in the same cell as Adriana. The justification was that Henry’s mother stayed in the space during the screening.

However, the decision of the judge Joaquim Domingos de Almeida Neto, of the 7th Criminal Chamber, which sent Monique back to the penitentiary, specified that the teacher would stay in the part of the special prison, where another police officer was recently detained, due to reports of threats against her in jail. For safety, the teacher should be separated from other inmates.

Sought, Adriana Belém’s defense said it had not allowed another person to be placed in the same cell as the delegate because of her right, guaranteed by law, to special prison.

Monique Medeiros’ lawyer, on the other hand, did not comment on the episode and informed that he will file a habeas corpus request with the STJ (Superior Court of Justice).

Return of Monique Medeiros to prison

Teacher Monique Medeiros was jailed for almost a year on charges of participating in the triple murder of her son, Henry Borel, 4, along with the boy’s stepfather, former councilor Jairo Santos Souza Júnior, Jairinho, who remains in prison. .

In April of this year, she had the preventive detention replaced by electronic monitoring by decision of Judge Elizabeth Louro. At the time, the magistrate responded to a request from the defense, which stated that the defendant was being threatened in the prison system.

Last Tuesday (28), judge Joaquim Domingos de Almeida Neto, from the 7th Criminal Chamber, ordered Monique Medeiros’ return to jail. He claimed that there was no proof of the intimidation allegedly suffered by the defendant.

In addition, the magistrate considered that the crime for which Monique is responsible is configured as heinous and highlighted that her seclusion in a secret place made it impossible for the Public Ministry to supervise and made it difficult to guarantee her integrity.

Henry’s mother was initially taken to the prison battalion of the Military Police, but ended up being transferred to the Santo Expedito Penal Institute, in Bangu, on the west side, where she had already been imprisoned. The change was due to the prison battalion’s restrictions on female incarceration.

Before being taken to Santo Expedito for the first time, Monique was in custody at Instituto Penal Oscar Stevenson, in Benfica, in central Rio. According to the defense, the teacher has been threatened in all the prisons where she has been.

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