How to explain the almost unanimous support for the ‘end of the world PEC’? – 01/07/2022

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Spending will exceed BRL 40 billion

Josias de Souza: Opposition may have stamped Bolsonaro’s passport for the second round. read more

Chico Alves: Leaders respond: Why didn’t PT and PDT vote against the R$41 billion PEC? read more

Ricardo Kotscho: José Serra, 80, was the only one with the courage to face Bolsonaro’s big deal. read more

Fight for the SP government

Alberto Bombig: Research in São Paulo overturns the Lula-Bolsonaro polarization thesis. read more

Thiago Herdy: Tarcísio and França accuse Garcia of using public machinery for electoral purposes. read more

other looks

Juliana Dal Piva: Bolsonaro’s nephew is exonerated after UOL revealed that he was not going to the Senate. read more

Leonardo Sakamoto: Bolsonaro’s silence on sexual harassment is explicit support for the aggressor. read more

Thales Faria: Arthur Lira copies Eduardo Cunha to win votes against Lula. read more

Carla Araújo: No. 2 of Caixa will leave the bank after being cited in a complaint against Guimarães. read more

Josmar Jozino: Fear and isolation: Paulo Cupertino’s routine in prison in São Paulo. read more

Roberto Sadovski: ‘As Verdades’ brings Lázaro Ramos in an inefficient police plot. read more

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