How to increase the Nubank card limit in 5 INFALLIBLE steps

Discover unmissable tips that no one tells you, but that will help you gain greater purchasing power in purple.

Have one credit card nowadays it can facilitate the organization of finances, especially in the case of those who want to buy a product in installments and want to pay little by little.

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But for that, it is usually necessary to have a satisfactory limit in the tool. And Nubank gives tips on how to increase the limit faster. Check out which ones they are below and feel more confident to conquer an increasingly higher purchasing power in purple.

5 foolproof tips on how to increase your Nubank card limit

The fact is, there are no miracle tricks about how to increase the limit of the Nubank card instantly. But there are behaviors and attitudes that, if carried out consistently, greatly increase the chances of greater purchasing power pre-approved in the tool.

Here are some tips that everyone can follow from now on:

  1. Keep income-related reports up-to-date: to know whether or not to update the user’s limit, the bank can consult the person’s earnings. Therefore, always keep your income information well informed, especially in case of an increase in value.
  2. Pay the bill on time: This tip should be followed to the letter for those who want to increase the card limit. This attitude will increasingly stimulate the bank’s level of trust in the customer.
  3. Avoid CPF restrictions: it is not just the bank’s debts that the customer should be concerned about, but also the overdue debts of other institutions and establishments. Delaying a debt can generate restrictions on the CPF with the SPC and Serasa and complicate the lives of those who want a higher credit card limit.
  4. Focus your expenses on the Nubank card: the bank will understand that the customer needs more limit whenever he exploits the tool’s purchasing power to the fullest. However, it is necessary to do this safely so as not to generate complications seen in tip 3.
  5. Build a relationship with the bank: Nubank, like any other financial institution, closely monitors the customer’s evolution to establish parameters when releasing credit. A tip is to invest in digital banking, take advantage of promotional actions and hire other services offered within the app. fintech.

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