How Vasco intends to compete in Maracanã despite being excluded by the Fla-Flu duo

In the backstage war to play at Maracanã, Vasco won the battle by obtaining in court the right to send their duel against Sport, tomorrow (3), for Série B, at the stadium. However, the conflict brought consequences, which promise to yield new chapters ahead on the most important topic: the next bid for the “Biggest in the World”.

Willing to be an administrator in partnership with 777 Partners – likely owner of the future SAF – Cruz-Maltino saw its already paltry chance of making a joint management with Flamengo and Fluminense practically evaporate. Angered by the latest events, the rivals got together and worked out an agreement to enter the bidding together, excluding the São Januário club.

On Vasco’s side, such a position was already expected, and the board has been working for a few months with the possibility of joining the dispute alone. In this scenario, the strategy adopted by the directors and 777 is to establish a partnership with an “operator”, in the same way as Palmeiras did with the company Allianz, which manages Allianz Parque.

Thus, if Vasco becomes the new administrator of Maracanã, the club would divide the stadium’s schedule between club games, concerts, events and possible rentals for rivals. Cruz-Maltino bets on 777 Partners’ expertise in the entertainment business.

On the side of the American company, there is also an attempt to convince John Textor, owner of SAF do Botafogo, to become Vasco’s partner at the stadium. In recent interviews, the American businessman stated that he does not consider Nilton Santos ideal for Alvinegro. However, the executive’s initial idea is to build an arena for General Severiano’s club. It is worth noting, however, that the relations between Josh Wander and Textor are getting closer, especially on issues involving Libra, the future Brazilian football league.

There is still a remote hope that, further on, there will be an understanding with the duo Fla-Flu, but the leaders consider the possibility very remote. In this hypothetical scenario, Vasco’s idea would be to send between ten to 15 games a year, out of the total of 70 that the bidding will stipulate.

Despite great expectations, there is still no deadline for the launch of the public notice. Many believe that this will only happen after the state election, even more so after all the controversy recently.

Meanwhile, the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro, has been “disputed” by the trio. Vasco has already had at least three meetings with the politician, and Rubro-Negro and Tricolor others.

Cruz-Maltino’s need to have Maracanã as the option became evident in this year’s Serie B dispute, where São Januário has been “small” for the fans and its more than 60,000 members.

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