Lula or Bolsonaro? Ana Maria Braga gives enough and confirms vote for 2022

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Ana Maria Braga spoke about her intention to vote for President of the Republic

This Friday (1), Ana Maria Braga gave a rare interview where he talked about his intentions to vote for the 2022 election. In the chat, she stated that she will not reveal her candidate.

Ana Maria Braga said that the only time she declared her vote was in 1998, when she said she would vote for the reelection of Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

“I said I would vote for FHC because I believed in him – and I still believe in him today. But I don’t take pictures or go to parties with politicians. It’s not fear of bothering, because there are a lot of people who expose themselves and continue to be successful, getting it right or not”, she revealed in a chat with Folha de São Paulo.

Ana Maria Braga (Photo: Mauricio Fidalgo/TV Globo)

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Still in the conversation, Ana Maria Braga stated that she would not associate her image with any candidate: “It’s just that politicians promise things that I’m not sure they’ll fulfill. I don’t put my credibility at risk. If I speak up, people believe, and that can make a lot of people get mad at me.”

Ana Maria Braga (Photo: Kelly Fuzaro/TV Globo)
Ana Maria Braga (Photo: Kelly Fuzaro/TV Globo)

She said that, little by little, she learned how to position herself politically in an indirect way. It is worth remembering that Ana Maria Braga always mentions economic crises and social problems in her show on Globo, Mais Você.

“Louro has always been an alter ego of mine for that. Sometimes, we saw so much clowning in Bom Dia Brasil that Louro came in with a clown’s nose. We didn’t say anything at all, but as we came after the newspaper, everyone understood. It’s a subliminal and flippant way for you to say, ‘Holy shit, what the fuck is going on?’ The necklaces are a criticism regardless of the politician or the party”, declared the famous.

unexpected invitation

This Friday morning (1), Ana Maria Braga invited Jojo Todynho to have a painting in Mais Você. It turns out that the blonde showed an article recorded by the singer in Madureira, Rio de Janeiro, where she gave sentimental advice and listened to the stories of the community.

“I wanted to invite you live and in color, you can say yes, no, I’ll think about it. How about if you make a picture like that once a month? We take you to other cities, other neighborhoods”, invited Ana Maria Braga.

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