Meet the Google glasses that promise real-time translation

THE technology it is part of our daily lives, after all it is an important tool in facilitating many activities. In this way, companies in the field are always seeking to innovate in the market, bringing new solutions to various daily tasks.

In this perspective, one of the innovations that are being commented the most is the new proposal of the Google Glass. The idea is that the language barrier is eliminated with glasses that will translate in real time. So, have you ever thought about living in a fully subtitled world? Follow the text.

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The Google Glass

Nine years ago, Google launched one of its devices that seemed to be one of the great innovations. But it was not seen with good eyes. The famous Google Glass had the function of filming everything and this caused some strangeness in the market, worried about the invasion of privacy.

This year, therefore, Google is touting a possible change in focus on its equipment. The central idea will now be on instant translations, a way to break the language barrier around the world with the possibility of subtitling conversations.

So far only prototypes have been shown, but their launch is expected soon. However, the company has not yet made clear the release date and how the camera will be installed.

The central concern may be cameras that need to differentiate themselves from the objective of the first launch to achieve some success in the market in the face of the previous failure.

The smart glasses on the market

Few know, but Amazon also launched its smart glasses in 2019. Its differential is that it has Alexa attached to the device. With this it is possible to control alarms, lights and everything connected to the system.

Amazon’s glasses also have no viewfinders, no camera, only equipment connected to audio. Echo Frames cost about R$840.00.

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