New Ferrari 296 GTB is hybrid and lands in Brazil

Hybrid, the Ferrari 296 GTB starts a new milestone for the rampant horse brand and lands in Brazil with its dual power, delivering 830 horses in all and over 75.3 kgfm.

Built around a 120-degree 2.9-liter V6 biturbo, with an electric drive fitted between it and a dual-clutch gearbox, the 296 GTB is a nod to the classic Ferrari Dino.

Delivering 663 horsepower in the V6 and another 164 horsepower in the electric, connected to both the combustion engine and the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, the Ferrari 296 GTB becomes a racing car for the streets.

From 0 to 100 km/h, the 296 GTB “flies” in just 2.9 seconds and reaches 330 km/h, being a bolide made for various customer profiles, including those who will seek to find out if it is really efficient as it promises.

Although many may claim that a 296 GTB owner will never walk frugally, taking the test of what is achieved is not an eccentricity, after all, who wants to be a mere visitor behind the wheel of their own car?

That’s why the Ferrari 296 GTB was built to be an 8 or 80, regardless of its nature, focused on high performance and sharp driving dynamics, to deliver power and fun.

With the energy efficiency of a world away from a Ferrari, using electricity in place of gasoline, the 296 GTB is entitled to the “stealthy” connection and driving plug.

There are 25 km of a new reality, where a Ferrari can travel without any noise and without emitting CO2, something unthinkable a few years ago.

Reaching 200 km/h in 7.3 seconds, the Ferrari 296 GTB unites these two forces to do what must be done under the heraldry, which chooses its riders.

For now, it is estimated that 20 of these will be entitled to the furtive rampant horse in Brazilian lands, where the price cannot yet be accounted for.

With delivery expected in December, the Ferrari 296 GTB brings a new world to the faithful of the Maranello team here.

Ferrari 296 GTB – First impressions

She arrived in Brazil this Wednesday (29) and we from the press were the first to see her here, under a red cloak, removed by Bia Figueiredo, who, after 30 years of career on the tracks, has only ridden a Ferrari twice.

The elegance of the lines, without exaggerations to make it more aggressive than it really is, the Ferrari 296 GTB exhibits fluidity in everything and a ground clearance that seemed unusual for a car like this.

Yes, adjustable to walk on this ground with so many imperfections, supported by beautiful wheels with brake calipers that apparently don’t seem that big for the efforts required.

The full LED headlamps come with air ducts for the brakes, while the wraparound bumper features mesh that hides radiators and a lower duct that creates an aerodynamic effect to keep the front on the ground.

With the iconic yellow shield with the black horse, the Ferrari 296 GTB displays ports with access buttons, as well as the air ducts necessary for the “V120” to breathe, as well as the mouthpiece with plug for external charging.

The straight pillars at the front and the wide windshield make a mouth-watering impression, but the grilled tempered glass lid over Ferrari’s first V6 in a long time really stands out from the rest.

With an adjustable air deflector just behind the classic Ferrari name, the 296 GTB never forgets aerodynamics, while the rear has a voluminous air diffuser, with the exhausts centered in a single mouth above.

The LED taillights are discreet and do not ask for a visual passage in front of the imposing rear of the 296.

Inside, this GTB gives access to an environment that could be centered only on the driver, but the passenger is also important and has a screen under the model name.

In it, all the main performance parameters in effect while driving the 296 GTB are displayed to also participate in the game.

The F1 steering wheel has all the controls the driver needs and the digital cluster is fully configurable, leaving nothing in the driver’s eye.

On the narrow console, the “H” with reverse is a beautiful reference to the classic straight levers of Ferraris of the past, in which one of them NA has already proven, the Ferrari 355.

Dressed in the wraparound seats and with a good vision area, the lucky person of the Ferrari 296 GTB will be able to enjoy the unique handling of the model.

At the back, the vault of the “V120” does not hide the heads, but shows what the future will be like, full of orange cables and high voltage warnings.

At the front, there is room for a good suitcase, but the luggage will be accumulated in the experience behind the wheel of this hybrid Ferrari, the 296 GTB.

Ferrari 296 GTB – Photo Gallery

Event by invitation of Ferrari SpA

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