Olivia calls Heloísa mother for the first time after shock with revelation about Matias

The young woman sees the seamstress’s suffering with the ex-judge’s new outbreak

July 2, 2022

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By Luciana Marques

In the next chapters of Beyond the Illusion, Olivia (Débora Ozório) will call Heloísa (Paloma Duarte) mother for the first time after revealing that Matias (Antonio Calloni) is her biological father. During a dinner at the seamstress’ house, the young woman tells that she was invited by Violeta (Malu Galli) and Eugênio (Marcello Novaes) to occupy a position on the factory’s board. But she is worried about not having enough knowledge for the post. Heloísa says that she could go back to school and that it would be a gift from her to her daughter.

But Olivia says that at that moment the gift she would like to receive was to know her father’s identity. Heloísa rolls around, until Leônidas (Eriberto Leão) arrives, telling him that Matias has disappeared. The seamstress Heloísa soon goes to the bedroom and realizes that her wedding dress has disappeared. “Mathias hates me! You don’t accept our marriage, Leonidas. He said a thousand times that I’m stealing you from him, that I don’t deserve to be happy!”. The boy asks his beloved to calm down, because with or without a dress, there will be a wedding.

Leonidas asks Olivia not to leave her mother’s side, for fear that, in a moment of madness, he will attack one of them. He leaves, and Olivia is confused. “Dona Heloísa, why does Leônidas think that Doctor Matias can attack me?”. The seamstress can’t answer, she just cries. After finding Matias in an outbreak at the church, Leonidas arrives with the ex-judge, holding the torn dress. Heloísa takes the piece and breaks down in tears. Isadora (Larissa Manoela) promises to make another dress for her aunt and goes to the factory. Heloísa tells Olívia that Matias hates her so much, that if he could, he would take the scissors and cut them.

Frightened, the young woman asks the reason for all this hatred. The seamstress disagrees, saying that it is an old story, not worth telling. Olivia stares at her mother, says she’s very mysterious and that everything she asks, she can’t know. “How do you want us to have a mother-daughter relationship, with so many secrets between us? I just want to help you, but I see you don’t trust me”. The seamstress gets emotional and caresses her little girl. “My Clara. My daughter so loved that because of him I didn’t see her grow up”. Olivia doesn’t understand. “Why his fault?”

Heloísa opens the game and says that this is a secret she has been carrying for years. “You deserve the truth, so as much as it hurts me, I’ll tell you. Matias hates me so much because… Because he is your father”. The young woman is in shock. Heloísa tells all her past history with the former judge. “After I got pregnant, he threatened to kill us both if I told anyone the truth.”. Olivia is in disbelief. “This is horrible! Sordid! What a bad man!”. The young woman says that now she understands why Matias came out screaming when he was at the family’s house a while ago.

Heloísa asks if her daughter now understands why she gave up her baby. “I was scared to death that the monster would try to hurt you. And I’m still afraid he’ll hurt. Matthias is capable of anything!”. Olivia says that it must have been hard to put up with it all for so long. Trembling, Heloísa asks the girl to keep it a secret. “Only me, you and Leonidas know the truth”. She says she fears Violeta will find out the truth and never look her in the face again. She hugs her. “I will keep it a secret. Don’t worry… Mom”. Hearing “mother”, the seamstress cries with emotion once again.

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